The Bachelorette – Fifth Times A Charm

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This morning on Good Morning America, The NEW Bachelorette was revealed to us! Clare Crawly is the leading lady for season 11.

Our new Bachelorette in her 2018 Winter Games headshot.

The Legend

Are you scratching your head wondering who the hell she is? I’ll gadly tell you who she is-shes a mother fu*king legend. A freaking legend, people!

If you’re somewhat new to Bachelor Nation, she goes way back to Juan Pablo’s season. When Juan Pablo rejected her at the final rose ceremony, she went off on him! As she walked out of that jungle, she turned and told the worst bachelor in the history of the franchise that she was so happy her children wouldn’t have him as their father. A Legend. The Bachelor empire actually put this moment in their top interactions to ever happen during the life of the show coming in at number 13. Mind you, there were more than 13 engagements and weddings that could have been chosen to go ahead of this-but not even half of those interactions were able to beat this epic moment brought to us by our new Bachelorette!

The moment Clare became a legend!

How Did Clare Get Her Own Season?

Clare has been apart of almost every spin-off show the franchise has. In 2013 she made it to the final two of The Bachelor, where she did not get proposed too (neither did the woman who got the final rose of that season). Clare was on multiple seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, where she failed to find love. On The Bachelor Winter Games in 2018, Clare got engaged to a member of Canada’s Bachelor Nation, Benoit. The engagement lasted all of 2 months before they called it quits. You may remember him from Bachelor in Paradise, where he was in a love triangle with Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball.

Clare and Benoit-before their engagement ended.

Clare, who claimed she was done with The Bachelor world, is a fantastic choice, in my humble opinion. She will turn 39 during filming; I am pretty positive we have never had a lead this old. Hopefully, this means we will get more mature contestants, maybe even some that have kids and some substance to them, rather than models in their early 20s looking to go to Stagecoach.

The Lead We All Want

I’m doing cartwheels that no one from Peter’s season was picked for this role. I sincerely hope that the producers chose a more mature woman to fill this role because they heard the cries of Bachelor Nation. Everyone is over the drama producers feed us week after week! It’s exhausting watching models in their early twenties claim they will never find love because (insert lame excuse here that gives them a storyline).

Clare is fierce, and she does not settle! She will be so entertaining to watch-especially when someone pisses her off. Good luck, Clare! Make us proud and find the love of your life, girl! Hold the Mayo is rooting for you!

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