The Basketball Beer Challenge Takes Names

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There have been some really stupid and hilarious challenges throughout the years. However, the basketball beer challenge might be the most hit or miss challenge in internet history. When you can’t execute, the basketball beer challenge takes names.

How Does It Work?

The challenge seems pretty harmless at face value. All it really entails is bouncing a basketball with a bottle or can of beer on top. The goal is to then catch the beer as the basketball launches it into the air. Once you complete the hard part, chug. When you can pull it off, like these people right here, the challenge is pretty bad ass.

Straight To The Mayo

As with every challenge, there will be the ones who own it and then there will be the ones who nearly kill themselves or others trying it. Here are a few of my favorite fails…

Definitely recommend going with the can for this challenge
Poor guy didn’t even have time to react
I got to go

Karma, please forgive me for laughing at the expense of these people. If you are going to try the basketball beer challenge, at least do the right thing and record it and submit it to HTM so we can all have a laugh. Hold it.

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