The Blue’s Clues Steve Comeback Talk Gives So Much Clarity

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TheThe Blue's Clues Steve Story

Can’t say nobody knew we needed this talk from former Blue’s Clues host Steve, because we surely always wanted it. A fuck ton of excitement in just seeing a dude we saw every day as kids, after not seeing him or knowing if homie was still alive for the last 20 years. We are a fucking mess.

Steve from Blue’s Clues.
(Back after 20 years)
He’s 47 now.

After processing this for the last 24 hours I’ve realized that we gained much more clarity from this appearance than we originally may have thought.

This is why it should hit home.

If you still for whatever outrageous reason don’t remember this show, please exit now.

The Amazing Part

It really makes me believe there is indeed humans out there that understand how they impact people when ya see this comeback talk from Steve. He didn’t have to do it and we as the public that grew up watching didn’t really ask for it in demanding fashion. It was always in the back of our heads and I personally thought about it once a year for the last 20 years.

Blue’s Clues Steve & US

“What the fuck happened to Steve from Blue’s Clues?”

Then I’d move on with my life quickly. But, that subtle thought meant a whole fuck ton in the grand scheme of things. It is a prime example of how good times and good memories hang on in the softest of spots inside of ya. Knowing deep down that we watched this fucking dude “Steve” every morning for years growing up developed this unknowing respect for him. Steve understanding his impact and how he connected with millions of kids was respectable as well. Especially, 20 years later. He had to give us clarity that we weren’t even expecting, but were grateful as fuck to receive.

Then Steve, Now Steve

The Beautiful Part

Majority of kids who grew up at that time still now accepted this corny character from Nickelodeon, even in today’s brutal social media world. That just shows the loyalty and respect gained. It’s timeless.

The Fortunate Part

Timing was fantastic. Can’t tell me that the world couldn’t use Steve right now as much as we can get em.

Real feels.

The Unfortunate Part

All fucking awesome things come and go. We only get two minutes of Steve and he’s off into the unknown again.


Ya gotta cherish shit ya mind and body tell ya is meaningful. I’ll never let a trend, person, group or something on the internet change what means the most to me whether big or small. This Steve thing is why. Moments like this come later on in life and it all makes sense.

Hold on to them good times.

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