The BMF Belt Sneak Peak

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Diaz vs Masvidal
Left-Nate Diaz  Right-Jorge Masvidal

The long awaited BMF Belt made a preview appearance on Dana White’s social media tonight. This one off belt will be the most coveted prize in the organization mark my words, you know what go ahead and Hold It.

It’s a one of one never to be duplicated again type of prize supposedly valued in the range of $50K, so now the posers cough cough Kamaru Usman’s of the world are going to start coming out of the woodwork calling their self a Bad Mother Fucker. Not today junior, so sit the fuck back down and let the Colby Covington train run you over. Jorge said it best all that guy is good at is sniffing crotches. Which is why we see a once non-needle mover Nate Diaz or at least that’s what Dana thought about him, fight a longtime journeyman figure in Jorge Masvidal at Madison Square Garden on whats to be a epic card.

These two epitomize what a BMF really is they have always been willing to throw down with anyone. Neither one of these guys have ever cared about their win/loss record which is why we see so many losses on their records. In the words of Masvidal “If my fees are paid I’ll fight anyone they want me to”, now that’s what people pay good money to watch. After all this is entertainment.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

On top of an absolutely stacked card The Rock, let me repeat this one more time Dwayne “THE ROCK” Johnson will put the BMF strap on the winner of Saturday’s main event. Dana is pulling out all the stops and giving the fans something they want to see. I’m all in on it, not every PPV needs to be a championship fight, stack the card like this and the fans follow.

“These guys wanna patty cake all night, I’m a mystical ninja bro”-Nate

“There’s some bad mother fuckers out there and you don’t wanna wake them up” -Jorge

The Main Event

The main event at UFC 244 is bound to produce a potential fight of the year. Just don’t be surprised if you don’t see an early finish, expect the fight to be a bloody hard fought war for twenty five minutes.

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