The City Of Chicago Can Kiss My Condiment Ass, WHO DAT?

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The Chicago Bears, Who Dat? Having trouble remembering anything other than what matters today. It’s the NFL Playoffs.

Don’t remember anymore.

Yeah, these were good times. Unfortunately, it has all entered Lord’s Day irrelevancy as we play these bears today. That means the following things have slipped my mind..

  • 4 straight division titles
  • 9 playoff wins in franchise history.
  • Drew Brees setting infinite records.
  • Sean Payton’s wisdom and longevity.
  • The Saints beating the bears week 8.
  • Another 12 win season, etc.

Call me Charles Barkley in Space Jam as I’ve lost all those feels. It just doesn’t matter because what I do remember is…

  • Cousins taking us out in the dome.
  • Goff taking us out in the dome.
  • Case Keenum having a moment.
  • Two winning seasons my entire existence before Sean Payton and Drew Brees arrived in 2006.

& most importantly, today…

Leave em where they lay.

Stomp A Mud Hole In That Chicago Ass

Nothing less, everything more. These cowards will remember those petty words as Drew and Sean take one last legendary ride that will speed right through these fugazis from Chicago.


Love Big Cat, but time for him to tat his fucking ass. Before he does, he gets to enjoy the greatest city in the world having one fantastic moment. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but mayo is 12-4 on the Lord’s Day this season and one must say Mitch Trubisky ain’t gonna be the son of a bitch to deliver the fifth L in New Orleans.


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