The Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Is Strong AF Right Now

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Conor McGregor Pull Out Game Real Strong

Didn’t think we’d see Conor McGregor pull out from two things in one day, but here we are on Monday evening. Conor has not only pulled out of his upcoming trilogy fight with Dustin Poirier, but was called out prior for not living up to his word to sign over a $500,000 check for Poirier’s charity. The check was supposed to be signed and delivered before their last fight.

Dustin said the McGregor team stop responding.

Welp, incase ya been living under a giant blank check…Conor got his ass whooped that fight. So, that check became a salty one undoubtedly. Here goes fucking chaos.

McGregor responded…

McGregor must be drunk as fuck right now. We just recently visited his constant tweets last week on this very website. He was going at Nate Diaz about the size of his Yacht. Doesn’t seem like a fella who is gonna win a fight anytime soon.

Clarity On Charity

As for Dustin Poirier, the charity he is proposing the money for has information listed on the UFC website regarding the goal. Conor kinda missed on that one as well as the inbred hillbilly reach.

no clue what this means.

His world, we just living in it.

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