The Emotional Rollercoaster Known As Aaron Rodgers

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Aaron Rodgers The Emotional Rollercoaster

One cannot deny the entertainment that comes with Aaron Rodgers every single time he steps on the field.

Aaron Rodgers Emotional Tour

Not only is he undeniably fantastic at the QB position, but he is an Academy Award winning actor in many fashions.

This dude is the fucking Lebron of the NFL when it comes to complaining on the field. Last night history was made as Aaron became the first NFL player to actually complain about a play, while mid-play before the conclusion of the actual play. Some wicked fucking talent.


He Offered More

He picked up a dub against the undefeated Cardinals in primetime, while also making history w/ mid-play complaining…but Aaron also delivered a timeless meme photo that our kids kids will utilize. This fucking guy just doesn’t miss.

iconic material

First of all, no better caption if we being honest here. Secondly, what in the human fuck allows a man to be this fucking perfect for the internet? How does a man look like this on the ground? Take ya shot now at quoting this meme as there is a realistic time window on the witt attempt.

Idk, but this all goes into the greatness of Aaron Rodgers. Anybody remember when he was beside himself with Green Bay? Idk if that is the case anymore. The other route that could’ve happened sounds appealing as well.

Regardless, thanks for the laughter bro.



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