The French Quarter Block Knocker

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Do you know this man?  Hopefully you do, not surprised at all if you don’t.  Never the less, now is the time to wake the fuck up and smell the Rougarou brew.  Regis Prograis was born right here in the “Big Easy” and he hasn’t wasted any time becoming the king of the 140 weight class.  The road wasn’t easy.  A southpaw slugger, Prograis is so fucking New Orleans he has the city imprinted on his chest dated “8-29-05.”  Brawler, he strikes quick and destroys people with an assassin like jab.  He’s the WBA super-lightweight champion, currently on the brink of the biggest fight of his entire life against Josh Taylor, in London at The O2, baby.  Regis grew up in New Orleans, born in 1989 and lived here until that son of a bitch Katrina relocated him to Houston.  He took his talents to Texas where he would run into Evander Holyfield at Savannah Boxing Club in his teens after watching enough Mike Tyson throwbacks saying, “Alright, I wanna be that guy.”  Never the less,  at that very moment is when Regis began his 10 year plus transformation into a boxing phenom.  He dominated as an amateur in the south where it is just ferocious combat constantly. Regis Prograis went 87-7 as an amateur boxer knocking blocks consistently.  Dude was the number four ranked amateur boxer in the entire United States of America before turning pro in 2012.  To think that would be his biggest achievement to date.  Did I mention this man is from New Orleans?  Even Wahlberg loves him some Regis.  Yes, Micky fucking Ward.

The Don of 140

Regis Prograis as a pro boxer has been nothing short of extravagant.  Wasting no time whatsoever, Regis has whooped the piss out of everyone he has faced big or small.  Most have been bigger, taller, longer, etc.  But like The Rock used to say, “It Doesn’t Matter.” Regis has ripped these chumps for the last seven years in convincing fashion.  He’s 24-0 with 20 knockouts and hands down the king of the 140 weight class.  The don of 140, book it.  This guy would fight for free, but fortunately, he is paid for his punctual ass whoopings he dishes out upon request. He’s fought in the Barclay’s Center, 4th round TKO victory over Luis Florez.  The last five fights for Regis have been must-watch combat.  Three of those fights have been in Louisiana.  Two have been in New Orleans.  Here is a little insight on three of those five fights.

June 9th, 2017 Regis Prograis vs. Joel Diaz Jr.

  • Prograis bounced this fucking dude all over the ring
  • The guy Diaz was undefeated and Prograis had him doing the roll quick
  • Just consistent block knocks and aggression
  • Would not let the kid breath, wins via 2nd round TKO

March 9th, 2018 Regis Prograis vs. Julius Indongo

  • Personal Prograis favorite of mine.
  • Prograis laid Indongo on the mat once in the 1st round
  • Three times in the second round for the finale
  • The last three KO punches he threw in that fight would make you call somebody
  • The final of the three sent Indongo to Jupiter.

April 27th, 2019 Regis Prograis vs. Kiryl Relikh

  • The most recent fight for “The Rougarou”
  • Knocks Relikh down first round
  • Prograis proves he makes opponents uncomfortable
  • Regis takes a left to the face after the 2nd round bell
  • Comes back and cooks Relikh the rest of the fight
  • Never loss a step in the fight, persistent aggression
  • Prograis wins via 6th round TKO

Prograis Pudding

Regis now faces his toughest bout yet against the witty Britt Josh Taylor.  Another case of Regis Prograis is much smaller than his opponent.  That is one of the few insignificant knocks on Prograis.  He’s too small, he doesn’t keep his hands up, and he isn’t long.  None of the above has translated into any type of significant adversity for Rougarou.  He has actually destroyed his longer, larger opponents convincingly.  As far as the hands-down situation, Prograis is all about the hips and head movement, head and waist constantly moving.  Regis swings, ducks, jives, and disappears out of the path of punches consistently, all fight long.  It’s a New Orleans stubborn approach.  Just like the size issue, the approach remains the same.  When you’re from New Orleans, there’s always a certain pride and flavor in the craft.  The difference is guys like Regis Prograis back that shit up.  The proof is in the pudding, and on October 26th, 2019 Josh Taylor gonna get him a full scoop of The Rougarou.

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