The Juice Was Soooo Loose He Went In For The Smooch

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Everybody got a life to live and the juice was loose as pocket change this past weekend. OJ Simpson may be the one person that would scare a young white woman out of a Target, but turns out he must have some super killer pick up lines these days.

The Juice Was Loose

HAHA, wait. This may be the funniest fucking woman on the entire planet. She starts hyping up OJ (with Ric Flair Drip slapping in the background) and the part that sends me is when she starts saying he’s out.


It was all a good vibe till around the 10 second mark in the video. Surely, it’s amazing how much realization can happen in just one second. Our girl had no nerves whatsoever until OJ went in for the kill. (no pun intended)

Idk if she doing Karate or having a second long seizure over OJ tryna find the hole to score. Shooters shoot and OJ a shooter as he just whiffs the neck on a smooch. Life changing experience for this young lady and potentially the exposure we needed on OJ Simpson.


OJ extremely active on twitter

One thing we know, OJ is out on the prowl. He’s active as fuck on Twitter and 2021 has given confidence back to everybody. I don’t care if you a dude or a gal, imagine doing some lemon shots having the time of ya life only to look up and see OJ Simpson intoxicated over ya shoulder! I’d have to step out and blow a cig.

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