The Last Two Mondays On RB&R Day 148 & 149

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The last two Mondays have been polar opposites when it comes to location on RB&R Day. Went from Decatur street to Picayune, Mississippi as the red bean tour approaches 150 Mondays in a row.

RB&R Day 148

Coop’s Place on Decatur street.

Decatur/Frenchman area is home of the most characters in my honest opinion. It’s like watching a New Orleans cartoon.

You go out that way on any given night and you’ll have the time of ya life.

  • Great music
  • Crackheads
  • Good Food
  • Great Vibes

Coop’s is right by Turtle Bay, which might I mention has one of the best late night 2am steaks you’ll ever obtain.

RB&R Day 148
Coop’s Place

Some of the best fried chicken you can find around that area is at Coop’s Place. Red Beans weren’t monumental, but they weren’t a tragedy. This place struggles with plate space and that is something that stood out like a parking ticket especially considering it was a few dollars over $10.

After 149 Mondays, it’s hard for that not to get exposed. Just fill the shit up. Ima approve this place based off vibes, chicken and just enough salt to not be considered mid.

Coop’s Place – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita Red Bean Ale

ONLY at Abita Brewery

RB&R Day 149

Two Sisters in Picayune.

From New Orleans to Picayune, lemme tell ya it’s only a 40 minute drive and a really quick 40 minute drive. I heard about this place through some people out in Bogalusa a couple weeks ago. But, before I even go into the establishment…I wanna talk about Picayune cause I never been there.

This place is something fucking else, I love them little towns that look like they stuck in a time warp. The 1950’s looking architecture just kinda stops me cause I never been around some shit like that until I started doing this traveling. Walked into an antique shop and bought a harmonica from a really nice guy named Ted. Every person I encountered was very nice.

RB&R Day 149
Two Sisters in Picayune

This place Two Sisters is blatantly the hot spot in Picayune for grub. I prolly saw 50 people walk in this spot while I was there. The red beans special is advertised out front on a movie theater size sign man they care about their red bean special. A perfect taste on these beans, big ole pro wrestler Camellia beans. If you don’t like them you don’t like red beans. Cute little fried catfish strips w/ stella sauce (honey mustard type stuff) and cornbread from the heart all for $8.99 man. It was a great day to be a hot plate in Picayune.

Two Sisters – HTM Approved

Beer – Abita PB&Jams

Almost 3 Years

150 up next, we almost at three straight years of RB&R Day. Grab an OG red bean shirt to celebrate. It has been a fucking journey.

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