The Legacy Of Bob Breck Will Forever Be Honored At Hold The Mayo

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Bob Breck Honored

Never a dry time to honor the greatest local weatherman that has ever graced our televisions in Bob Breck.

Classic Bobby Raindrops

Local Legends

Something about fellas like Jim Mora, Frank Davis, Bob Breck, and a few others just strike an emotional local chord with me. It’s also rather easy to get in the ballpark of their character considering the only voice I really know is yatty and aggressive.

October 9, 2020
October 31, 2020

It works somewhat for like a handful of characters. But, I dead ass get goosebumps playing Bobby Breck. My guy is STILL giving VALUABLE insight on the weather even after retirement.

Ya just gotta keep up with him. I personally read the dudes blogs cause they funny and informative. The funny is just me laughing at the verbiage of Bob Breck, but the dude hardly misses. Who knows, I don’t know shit about the weather other than what I learn from Bob.

Like The Yukatan

He always talks about the Yukatan when it’s hurricane season and I just find that funny as all fuck.

  • From Hammond, Indiana
  • Michigan Wolverine (1969)
  • AMS certified broadcaster since 1971
  • AMS Broadcaster of the year (2008)
  • SEVERAL achievement awards locally and nationally.
April 13, 2021

He’s covered the following major canes:

  • Andrew (1992)
  • George (1998)
  • Lilli (2002)
  • Ivan (2004)
  • Katrina (2005)
  • Rita (2005)
  • Gustav (2008)
  • Isaac (2012)
April 14, 2021

Don’t know a whole ton about him personally, but if I ever met him I’d probably piss my pants in excitement. He’s a man in my book, a common man. A real common man.

April 15, 2021

Forever a fucking role-model.

Bob Breck.

Don’t be a loser and forget to invest in a generator this hurricane season. If it does slip ya mind, it’ll come back rapidly when ya lights are out and ya eating bologna sandwiches in the dark. Call Craig’s Electrical today.

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