The Most Traditional Day In The World

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The Most Traditional Day In The World

If ever a time to embrace the most traditional day in the world it’s today in Louisiana after the who dat nation beat the ever living piss outta da bears in the NFL Playoffs. Sent em back north.


Like the ole legendary band Chicago once sang,

“Always on my mind, in my heart, in my soul. Ya the meaning in my life, ya the inspiration!”

“Now I know, that I need ya here with me,



& that is exactly how I personally feel about the who dat nation in the playoffs right now. It can’t end and it’s endlessly on my mind. For the third time this season Drew and the boys will have the opportunity to make Tom Brady blow a scrotum nerve in defeat.

Dumbest fucking dude on the planet.

Tradition Strikes 35

No changing lanes like Kevin Durant during this tradition journey. It’s right back to scoopin’ beans and today will mark the 35th straight tradition practice in a row for Hold The Mayo. Tradition stops for nobody.

I’ll have more info on the beans in this blog and release Red Bean Rankings later on this evening. The top 15 pots will be revealed.

As always, ya can’t practice tradition without a good fucking roof. Call All Around Roofing and they headed over with the most professional of folks. I was personally at their facility just a few days ago and I’m telling you this is this best roofing company in the state. Young and motivated men doing great work. Mayo vouches 1000 %.

Attention to detail has allowed us to master our craft. 🏠Call us today to see how we can help you.Click the link below for a free

Posted by All Around Roofing on Tuesday, January 5, 2021

RB&R Day 35


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