The Most Unforgettable Rain Scenes In Movie History

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Last night took a turn when the topic of unforgettable rain scenes came up on HTM Undressed 227. This is fine conversation in my honest opinion. Also, conversation that can lead ya down some deep wormholes. Can’t let it pass us by without honoring what I think is some of the most stellar scenes in movie history while it was pissing.

Before we go there…

Greatest Rain Scene In An Actual Music Video Goes To:

That’ll go to Usher and it ain’t even close.

Wasn’t even actually raining, just looked like it had a light drizzle. Regardless, I’m locking it in. If ya ain’t tried to replicate this, ya prolly lack sauce or the ability to even dream of having a small percent of sauce in ya system. Hopped in the lambo after and deuced out. Never forget.

cut to 2:20

Unforgettable Rain Scenes

Raining in Vietnam on Forrest Gump.

“You know why we a good partnership Forrest? Cause we be watching out for one another, like brothers and stuff. Hey Forrest, something I been thinking bout. I got a very important question to ask you. How would ya like to go in the shrimping business with me?”

The Truman Show


Truman shouts to his manipulative creators as he tries to escape his fucked up reality while a live audience watches.

Bruce Almighty

More Jim Carey while we got ya here. How about when Bruce taps out and tells Morgan Freeman (GOD) he’s done with being Bruce Almighty. Only to get blasted by an 18 wheeler and sent to heaven. There will never be a better actor for God than Morgan Freeman. It’s just facts, It’s GOOOD!



At this very moment, Toby McGuire became a fucking everlasting legend. Kissing Kirstin Dunst in 2002 was equivalent to being Drake in 2021. A little nerdy unknown fella like Toby shook the world and landed an upside down kiss on the star from “Bring It On” as Peter Parker.

Shawshank Redemption

Shawshank Redemption (1994)

Nothing more American than this 1994 movie and this conclusion as Andy finally gets out of prison. Once in a lifetime type feeling that you can see on cable television once a day in 2021. Literally, they play this movie often.

The Last Samurai

I have no respect for anybody who don’t appreciate this movie and this scene was one of the best scenes in the film. Take it away Tom…

Dude fell a zillion times, got back up every single time. Had to know ya were watching a fantastic movie at this point.

Click, Yes Click…

Bruh! This film still has not gotten the proper respect it deserves. Adam Sandler made an entire movie about a remote, but one cannot just blow it off like it didn’t matter. I fucking cried man tears after this.

“Family Comes First.”


The Notebook


Not excited about throwing this one in here, but doing it for the fucking 2021 internet trolls. It’s a beautiful scene, but not my favorite love movie. That would easily go to Mandy Moore and ‘A Walk To Remember’ you can @ me all day about it. But, this scene holds clout forever.

Cast Away

Comes back after everyone thought he was dead.

This scene is some next level Tom Hanks shit. Nobody could pull off this movie or reasoning better than Hanks and Hunt. Helen fucking Hunt. Only Hanks could have the willpower to go through such tragedy and tell his wife when he gets back that she should continue her life. Only Tom, we are all pussies and you know it.

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We talked about all these movies last night on HTM Undressed 227. Click here to listen on Apple. I’m human, so I’m sure I’ve left out some rain scenes. Call me Tuesday night and tell me all about it.


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