The New Mortal Kombat Trailer Doing VERY NICE Numbers

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The New Mortal Kombat Trailer Is Doing Record Numbers

GET OVER HERE is what the Mortal Kombat trailer indicates after the numbers were released on views. Seems like all the ole legendary video game had to do was, well…exactly this I guess.

Drop a 2021 film not a soul can resist.

BIG Mortal Kombat Numbers

Welp, this trailer is now the most iconic red band trailer of all-time. Over 116 million views for the upcoming film trailer taking down the former record holders ‘Logan’ and ‘Deadpool 2’. It’s worth every second of ya time today if ya haven’t watched.

What is the whole “red band” thing?

If ya anything like me ya wondering what the fuck a red band means as far as breaking records go. Upon further research done by a local common man, RED BAND just means an “R” rated movie trailer.

Which is pretty damn impressive to break that record on views all-time. However, we should keep in mind that more eyes are on everything now, more platforms than ever, and folks having more babies than ever.

Personally, I watched the trailer 28 fucking times. One time for every year of my life. The memory of me sitting at my Paw Paw Sidney’s house in the ninth ward as a kid playing Mortal Kombat on a SEGA handheld will never escape my mind.

How could one forget?

The Sega Game Gear lol

How about the frustration of losing to anyone in that game? Nah, it was learn the zillion buttons or get the fuck out the living room cause ya not a champ.

this was it, NO DOUBT.

Mayo Top 3 Characters To Play With & Just Ever

  • Johnny Cage
    • something bout Cage just made me a better man growing up. Fear nobody, but look good while doing it. The most underrated cop of all-time in my honest opinon.
good point.
  • Liu Kang
    • without a doubt, several times throughout playing mayo you’d have to face Liu Kang and Kang was the fella I was most accustomed to when it came to pushing the buttons. I could bicycle kick the fuck outta ya forehead in the matter of light speed moments.
  • Raiden
    • Ya either lived by the hat or ya didn’t bro. Mayo tossed the fucking hat and clearly remember having the very most flawless victories with Raiden. Can’t wait to see him in film, a vibe.

Honorable mention: Kano and Jax

Kano is a dick, I know.

Is Johnny Cage even in the film?


Scorpion and Sub-Zero were cool to me, but also a bunch of fuck heads as well. I really lost all love for both of them after seeing the original MK film back in the 90’s.

Like bro looks like a true cock sucker.
Don’t fuck with Cage.

MK (1995)

Look at him now all 2021’d.


Regardless, my happy ass will be in the AMC cushions when this bitch gets released or might just get stoned and watch it on HBO MAX. The release date is April 16th on HBO Max and in theaters. GET OVER HERE!!!

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