The Only Hope Left To Beat The Pandemic, A Super Hero Arrives

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Turbo Man

With windows blasting and the Omarion virus spreading all over the place, one can only imagine what it will take for things to get better. I think personally it is time to dig deep in our brain pockets and reach for the extreme to happen. Folks, it’s gonna take a whole fucking super hero arriving to get our optimism back and change the world.

Exhibit A
The world is ending.

It’s totally time we call on some brave human to become a super human or reach down inside themselves and see if they are a super human. Dude idk, find a fucking mortal kombat branding on ya ass or something. Somebody gotta step up and rebuke these window smashers and covid blasters.

Somebody like Turbo Man.

Exhibit B
a super hero arrives

Send a confident son of a bitch like Turbo Man in on the pandemic and the window extravaganza in New Orleans. Matter of fact, Does a Turbo Man lie somewhere deep in the heart of New Orleans? Come out New Orleans Turbo Man.

Maybe a mothafucka like Spider-Man.

Exhibit C
a super hero arrives

I mean guys, Adele ain’t gonna fucking save us. We have to understand that and look into the population. Who is spectacular?

Who can be the next Tony fucking Stark?

Exhibit D
a super hero arrives

It’s gonna take a Blade like performance to rid of us our current disaster state in society. You think Wesley Snipes afraid of Covid?

Exhibit E
a super hero arrives

Fuck outta here.

Time for us to gain a mutant.

Somebody who will scrape through a pandemic like Wolverine or strategically get rid of it like Professor X or Doctor Strange would.

Exhibit F
a super hero arrives

Send our struggles through a time warp.

Where the Max Payne’s of the world at?

Exhibit G
a super hero arrives

The men with nothing to lose, but everything to gain. We need a mothafucka flying around the city with great intentions. Ya can’t bash a window when Spider-Man is flying around with his spidey senses.

Something to think about…

Merry Christmas to all regular humans and soon to be mutants of our world. May God bless you all.

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