The Taysom Hill Experience Seems Seasonal Like Party City

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Taysom Hill Experience is ending.

Understanding that Halloween is approaching and that this Taysom Hill experience has worked before, sure. It’s not now. This is becoming all too traditional.

A tradition that should be discontinued. It works sometimes, like good ole Party City.

It’s just not fucking working right now. Everyone in the world may lose their mind, not just New Orleans.

Taysom Hill Experience Gone Forever?

Not saying the casket should be closed and a man’s legacy should be buried. But, he’s now starting to remind me of like the Kris Humphries of football. It’s not his fault, or Payton’s. The trickery just isn’t hitting.


Please, for the love of all local God’s…end it.

Justin Herbert in the meantime is pulling his entire ball sack out on the Saints secondary.

Wanna talk about disgusting? This rookie QB curb stomping us shit got me so fucked up right now.

Fucking drove.


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