The UFC 259 Academy Awards Have Concluded

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The UFC 259 Academy Awards

Did ya miss the UFC 259 Academy Awards Show last night? Ya would’ve thought it was a trailer for a new Undisputed movie coming out this summer.

Izzy Adesanya after losing to Jan Blachowicz.

Izzy Adesanya proved that he is no Floyd Mayweather when it comes to wagering on an elite fighter. Really just came down to a fuck ton of weight coming down on Izzy late in the fight. Lemme say this, Izzy sounded like a different human after the fight. Very optimistic, giddy, and accepting of his loss. Which is fine, good for him. However, that fight was WAY closer than what the judges indicated at the end. Dana White would tell ya that.

“this 10-8 shit is outta control right now.”

By the way, nothing has changed. Dana White is still the most authentic common man sports owner in the world. He just gets it.

UFC will have a full crowd shortly.

Mayo Spreads

  • 4/9 on selections
  • Did pick Petr Yan two ways
  • Should’ve stayed outta Adesanya/Jan fight and kept my over 1 1/2 rounds, left happy.
  • Amanda Nunes. Wagered on her two ways, shoulda found four ways and just cashed. Didn’t take first round finish and that was dumb.

Yan vs Sterlin

Sterling was set on the fact that he was gonna take Yan to the ground and make him tap. Eh…

Fantastic card, it really was great. But, my problem is here. This was the most unprepared I’ve ever seen UFC handle a situation. The fight between Petr Yan and Aljamain Sterling was probably the most exciting fight leading up to the card. I’ve watched both these fellas last few fights and I just knew that Petr Yan was the better equipped fighter in this matchup.

Yan started to control this fight by the 4th round.

Sterling carried a ton of emotion and hype into this fight with him. Yan was still and patient and that is how he was in the octagon last night.

unreal decision by Yan.

Petr wasn’t flawless though as he made the dumbest fucking decision one could ever imagine while he was in the process of mauling Aljamain. No doubt grounds for disqualification. But, what happened next was just an impeccable reality I couldn’t accept without being transparent on what I saw.

“I mean I’m laying down, so it’s better.”

This is fucking dumb. The doctor should decide based off something other than what the fighter says if dudes gonna pull this “Full House” San Fran type shit.


I don’t think Aljamain can come back from this, just being honest. It was the wussiest fucking look I’ve ever seen. Illegal no doubt, call the fight. But, there still is an observation to make on how Sterling acted from the very moment after he got cheap shotted to the head. This is the first time in UFC HISTORY that someone has been awarded the title due to an illegal blow. This shit don’t happen.

Dana Says

Dana White commented on it after the event and quickly said Aljo was cleared at hospital for no injuries. Ya can tell he didn’t like the cheap shot, but can also tell that Dana didn’t care for the act job.

The fact of the matter is this, most fighters who were not severely impacted by the head shot would have been advocating to continue in a CHAMPIONSHIP fight. That was not the case with Aljamain as ya knew for sure the following within seconds of the knee:

  • He was more than conscious.
  • Sterling was getting his ASS kicked.
    • Yan was making it look easy at this point. Reversing grapples and takedown attempts. Sterling looked GASPED.
  • Was aware that the belt could get awarded to him if he played his cards right on that situation.

So, Wait…

This fella can:

  • Sterling acting fine (when he wasn’t) before the knee. Kept playing this ground game with Yan.
  • Got kneed in the head.
  • Rolled around, sounded SKETCHY in response to doctor. In my opinion.
  • Got up for the decision, reacted to it like one of surprise. Proceeded to drop the belt to continue the act.
  • Cried on his knees.
  • Walked out on two fellas shoulders, feet touching ground and moving forward fine.
  • OPTED for an interview.
  • SOUNDED, idk…fine.
  • Cleared at hospital after. Not even a concussion.

Now, let’s look back at when Anthony Smith got fucking blasted by a Jon Jones illegal knee last year. He continued the fight. Jon Jones got docked two points, obtained a victory, and held the title. At the very worst, what should’ve happened was this:

  • DQ Petr Yan
  • Vacate the title
  • Re-schedule the fight asap

No way ya can let Aljamain Sterling walk down the red carpet with that act job after he was clearly getting his fucking ass whooped. But, because of an outcome like this one space cadets everywhere will get to point to the same judges score that Dana White is DYING to fix. After that those space cadets will tell ya that Aljamain was on his way to winning via decision! HAHA


Sheesh, that is hysterical.

Nervous Jones

Jon Jones has been tweeting lately during combat events. It’s pretty funny because the one name he refuses to say is Derrick Lewis. So, until he does acknowledge the black beast, I’ll continue to troll his scary ass.

Bones wants no part of Derrick, none.

What isn’t hysterical? Going to jail on the weekend. Getting arrested in general for doing some dumb ass shit that ya regret or got tied up with. Only one number ya need to call to gain clarity and peace through ya struggle. That number is the number to Domingue Law Firm.


Once ya call my brothers over there ya gonna sleep that much better knowing ya idiotic crime is in the rear view mirror.

HTM Undressed is back tonight.

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