The Verdict Is In On Hubig’s Pies Since Returning

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Hadn’t had Hubig’s Pies since the iPhone 4 in 2012. Never has there been more hype on a local snack return than there was on these fucking pies getting back on the shelves. Couldn’t find one with a search warrant for nearly four weeks. Legit was like finding a lude. My online order of 12 arrived this past Wednesday and I was able to really take the time observing these pies.

Was it worth the wait or the $5 per pie that was payed?

No and No

I gotta be honest. Them bitches running like Barry Sanders. I’ve tried four pies already and every experience has been pretty lackluster. Bout to eat my fifth pie today.

  1. They too runny. Nobody wanna have a bunch of apple or lemon pie juice blasting out the mfer.
  2. I need more actual apple & lemon to respect my body.
  3. Only apple & lemon available.
  4. It took too long to get my pies (4 weeks) by the time I actually got them the hype had already somewhat settled. Which is also why Hubig’s was on the off the beans list this past Monday.
  5. The Lemon one sucks tbh
new list every Monday

Pros on the Pies

Best part about the pie is the crust and I give it to Hubig’s, they really got some dank ass crust on the pies that nobody can replicate. I like the wrapper, it is cool to have them on ya. I like to keep a pie on me just to be able to do a show and tell if needed. Also dope to keep one in the vehicle for times when you need a boost. I’m not saying I won’t eat them.

The best version of the pie in my opinion is an apple right out the fridge. If the fridge method is used, you can somewhat control the pie juices. Eating one right off the shelf is not gonna control pie juices and you will not have a good time.

Ate one with Egenberg and it just wasn’t a premier experience, I don’t wanna lie to anybody.

Bagels, Pies w/ Egenberg

Being that Hubig’s just opened back up after a decade plus long absence, it is appropriate to give them time to bounce back. One pie I am really looking forward to is the Sweet Potato pie. Lotta good sweet potato pies around the city and if Hubig’s can put a quick tasty one out there I’d really be content. Shouldn’t have any juice issues on that mfer. As for now, the grade is low for the return of Hubig’s Pies.



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