The XFL Loves Me, Why Didn’t The NFL?

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Jordan Tamu looks to right his wrong in the XFL.

The XFL is so fucking here, we must talk about the NFL/NCAA notable players that are destined to ball out this year. Why they didn’t they work out in the NFL? Who fucking knows, lets worry about things we can control. Season starts February 8th, right at the ass end of the Super Bowl. Is it okay to say I’m more excited about opening day in the XFL, rather than the Super Bowl this year? Hope so, because it is the honest truth. Time to get high as fuck, and ball out.

The XFL Baller Alert

  • Jordan Ta’amu QB (Battlehawks)
  • Jeff BadetWR (Renegades)
  • Rashad RossWR (Defenders)
  • Scooby WrightLB (Defenders)
  • Charles JamesCB (Roughnecks)
  • Matt Jones & Christine MichaelRB’s (Battlehawks)
  • Aaron MurrayQB (Vipers)
  • Keenan ReynoldsWR (Dragons)
  • Will Hill S (Battlehawks)

What Could Change In The XFL?

Jordan Ta’amu will be the Russell Wilson of this XFL season. The kid knows how to play the quarterback position. He took over at Ole Miss during his time in Oxford. Ta’amu finished 2nd, behind Tua in 2018 with 3,918 passing yards. The kid can sling the rock. Great prototype build, makes smart decisions, and he is only 22 years old. Kid can really make a name for himself, and I think he will in St. Louis.

Jeff Badet is here to blow the roof off the fucking place. This kid is electric, and screams big play ability. Not sure what happened with the NFL hopes, but he is tested as a receiver. He has played in big moments, and caught the rock from MY GUY Baker Mayfield in college.

Rashad Ross is that dude. He already proved he can play in these hopeful leagues, and was in a league of his own while playing in the “AAF” last year. He led the AAF in touchdowns by a receiver. Ross is considered a top fantasy prospect for XFL, and will get tons of targets. He did play in the NFL this past season for the Panthers, but here he is again in a do or die situation.

Scooby Snacks In The XFL?

Scooby Wright will never quit playing football. Watch him for a few minutes, and you will quickly realize. The motor doesn’t stop, he’s physical, and plays with a ton of heart. Yeah, those guys usually don’t do phenomenal in the league. However, in the XFL it will benefit him. Scooby played for Arizona in college. I’ll never forget how many late nights I watched this son of a bitch salivate over the football. Dude had 100 solo tackles in 2014! TWO STAR SCOOB! The guy eats ball carriers.

Charles James is a name you have heard before. If you believe in dreams, believe in Charles James. This is the cat who was on Hard Knocks a few years back with the Houston Texans. Charlie Hustle! That is his best trait. Hustle, and endless effort. I’m personally rooting for this guy to go the fuck off in the XFL. Oh, and he’s back in Houston!

Two Headed Monster

Matt Jones & Christine Michael (TWO HEADED) These two are looking to become the twin Derrick Henry’s of the XFL. I believe Michael will have the better year of the two, but regardless the Battlehawks are doing it right. Not much defense going on in the XFL from what we’ve seen on rosters, so this is a tremendous potion to have. Look for both to do work, but put all your stock in Michael. These Battlehawks will be a tough fucking squad.

Aaron Murray is a guy nobody probably wants to say has the chance to make his mark. The former Georgia Bulldog. I believe in this kid. He has a rocket for an arm, and he is smart enough to unravel an XFL defense. However, he needs his receivers to stay healthy in order to win football games. Callaway

Keenan Reynolds is another guy we all should hope works out. The kid played at Navy in college, and is currently still enlisted as a United States Naval Reserve. He finished with 4,559 rushing yards at Navy, and in the top five in Heisman votes. He can do it all, and Jim Zorn will use this kid well.

Will fucking Hill. This guy makes fucking plays. They don’t call him Will “The Thrill” for nothing. He’s probably already got 20 interceptions since the first practice. He had four interceptions in the NFL, and three touchdowns. He’s on that oh so dangerous Battlehawks team too.

Wishful Thinking..

We aren’t saying that these are the only 10 fucking guys in the entire new league that will shine. Just throwing some fuel to the fire. There is literally zero fucking people who have perfected XFL predictions. In fact, every single XFL “analyst” were eating Doritos, and drinking Diet Coke a few months ago. Stick with the information that makes you feel the best about watching the XFL. Don’t bank on these assholes saying they are professionals at covering XFL. There is no such thing, but this league is looking like it will be a good ole time. Hold it.

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