The Yankees Cheated & Still Didn’t Beat Cheaters?

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The Yankees Cheated.

The Athletic has came out with a juicy report saying in 2017 the Yankees cheated as well. You’ve got to be fucking kidding me New York. Flashback, did we all just get put together on an elaborate pin stripe plan?

Well, kick me in the ass and call me a fucking rocket scientist, this is all too much of a complete disaster. Aaron still slugs, don’t even go there.

I’m not about to get into the science of this accusation. But, this fella who is reporting it seems very confident he has a pin stripe prosecution on his hands.

Buckle up.

The Yankees Did It Again…

Only in this legendary losing city. New York fans are now scrambling everywhere. I don’t get to see much of their tweets. I feel like they just yell out in the street when they want to voice their displeasure. A respectable craft by all means.

The only thing you will ever see in majority on the Yankees is shots being fired. The accusations that have been presented today couldn’t have happened at worse timing for the good guys. Oh, and we got plenty of reaction coming out of Houston.

Screaming fuck 2017 with a LONG dick.

The battle of cheaters. The 2017 World Series winning Astros, against the fucking guys who said they cheated. The best part about this entire shit show is that Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the MLB may have covered the entire circus up with a Rome, New York quilted blanket.

This is authentic.

The Yankees cheated and didn’t beat cheaters, while cheating better?

Whatever, HOLD IT.

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