These 20Lb Tuna Will Kick Your Ass

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20lb Tuna

HTM Outdoors: Offshore Tuna Fishing With Clemons

This past weekend my brother came in from Dallas and decided he wanted to go offshore fishing. We booked with Super Strike Charters. We had a strong north wind that made it difficult. But Capt. Scott put us on some fish right out the gate. We went 64ish miles off the coast of Louisiana. In over 4,000 ft of water, I hooked on to the first Tuna of the day and put her in the boat. Then the feeding frenzy ensued. These sharks legit wait for you to hook a fish then come and snatch your shit. We must have pulled up a dozen cut lines after hooking on. Bunch of thieving bastards.

We were able to put a few in the boat. Then ran back into about 20ish miles offshore and caught some Red Snapper. Finished out the day with a decent I chest full of fish. My arm was worn out, one would think choking my chicken all quarantine would have prepared my forearm.

Ben And Garrett Stayed Inshore

Ben and Garrett left out of Shell Beach Sunday to target some Specks and Red Fish. There’s nothing quite like living in the Sportsman paradise.

Our Holders Were Out Catching Fish Offshore As Well

Mayo Photo Credit Priscilla Fos & Donald JosephHolding mayo and snapper.

Posted by Hold The Mayo on Sunday, June 14, 2020
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