They Cancelled That? The World Going Full Asshole…

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The world is freaking out right now over sports tapping out.

Pull up your favorite social media app to see the sports world shocked all over the map. Sports have always been the main constant that ties people together for one common goal of winning, being right, or just knowing what the fucking is going on. If you utilize your time on watching sports, then you probably have a strong opinion. Well, spare your opinion as there is no product to have one on at the current moment. Everything is fucked and we got a full world of pissed off fans on our hands. Imagine this life…

Hard Times…

There you have it, all of it is done. NASCAR has announced they will race the next two weeks with no fans in attendance. Honestly, I may watch that shit. I’m good with that cup of tea, it doesn’t really affect my will to watch. One thing you can’t get me to watch is basketball without fans. So, good move on their part by just calling the shit off. Imagine how excited those dudes are in the NBA right now. Summer just came early, time to smoke some dope and watch a fuck ton of Netflix. Devin Booker wins the award for greatest way of finding out about his employer suspending duties.

You Like Baseball?

Give A Rat’s Ass Bout Hockey?

The World Needs Them…

So, what do we do next? It has to be almost certain that any other sport, event that matters, or any source of great entertainment will be cancelled shortly. UFC would probably be in the best position because the shows are pretty spaced out, which means they have time to maneuver patiently. The XFL and WWE are the ones who have huge decisions to make. XFL can’t afford to cancel a season, and WWE fucking blows right now. Not that Vince really needs to worry about money, but this is bad timing for his babies. How bad is this shit anyways? Obviously bad enough to freak the entire world of big wigs out. These cats are making moves right now. We should all be fine, just DO NOT bring our crawfish into this shit.

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