Things Keep Getting Weird As Fuck In SpreadQuarters

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In SpreadQuarters, we went from one of the most chaotic places in the world to one of the strangest places in the world. Ever since one of our loyal holders “Lisa” decided to make it all about her on HTM Undressed 65. I’ve said it since day one, there is something just not right about this situation. The whole thing has some head scratching inconsistencies.

No comment.
A fan of mayo.

I can only go off what I’ve noticed. She blocks me back and forth. I block her, as it is a total rocky fan to performer relationship. Let it be known, she shoots the first shot every single time. For what? Not sure. But, that is where the head scratching begins. Lisa calling my barista this morning was the last straw. Persistently, as if her energy was endless.

Anita, the realest barista in the great city of New Orleans.
Leave her out of it.

Inconsistencies in SpreadQuarters

Honestly, I could give a rat’s ass if Lisa is real or not. I want to know why the fuck she is ordering me breakfast? That little place is so peaceful and kind. Now, it has been poked by Lisa. Eggs and bacon anyone?

The legend of Lisa ends on the Lord’s Day 🙏

Posted by Hold The Mayo on Friday, June 12, 2020
CONSTANTLY in the mayo jar with DM’s.
Excuse me, AGGRESSIVE DM’s.

The same woman who randomly goes off on me, then buys a toomie shirt. Never seen her in a picture with it. The ole Texan claims every single day that she will call the show. Nobody asks her if she is going to call.

The only game I’ve seen Lisa play.
What was your profession in the wild west?
Her quote at the top says it all.
Also, the few people I have seen Lisa engage with on her feed seem like mega mash potato lovers if you follow what I’m saying.

Lisa just plays the game. Never once has called the show. Always gives us the same excuse. “YOU AIN’T READY”

She plays it well too. That is one thing I can’t knock on Lisa. The lady comes to play ball every night. However, I think I’ve figured out who is covering up as Lisa. The coffee shop incident was the last straw. Yeah, I appreciate the eggs and bakey. But, I just don’t understand. Why is this woman up that early calling THREE TIMES to an innocent Anita?

She is grabbing her profile frames exclusively from Alessandro.

Why is she talking about Craig so damn much. But, then I see a certain someone that has been all over Craig’s comments and posts. The same person that would have the audacity to pull this ratchet stunt. Stay tuned while SpreadQuarters continues to gather prime evidence. Trust the process.

Sure, Lisa.

Full stream from last night @ Hold The Mayo on Facebook. Pray for us all. HOLD IT.

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