Things To Ponder On After A Clumsy Start By The Saints Last Night

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Saints First Pre Season Game

A game that didn’t count never felt so important for the Saints last night. The most focused on quarterback battle in the league had its first showing, but was bombarded with turnovers from the jump. Ya woulda thought these fellas were changing oil the entire day before playing.

Saints GM
Mickey Loomis on the Saints last night


  • A sloppy looking fumble by Latavious Murray kicked off the shit show. Baw looked like he been on the couch.
  • An interception by Taysom Hill on a play where the receiver stopped running and the throw was just as tragic.
  • Devonta Freeman fumbles…finished with 6 carries for 6 yards, see ya later.
  • Jameis throws a pick that bounces off of Lil Jordan Humphrey.
  • Tony Jones Jr (maybe the brightest light of the whole game) fumbles after averaging 11 yards a carry the entire game.
37 can run though.
  • Ian Book throws a pic with the game on the line at the end.

Everybody had their moment to give last night. But, besides for shit hitting the fan with turnovers and penalties, The Saints can pull a little optimism here and there from the game.

Very Nice Things

Can’t deny the following performances.

  • Zack Baun left it on the field.
  • Defense looked fantastic till they let the Ravens reach the end zone on their last drive with about 6 minutes left.
  • Tony Jones Jr looked electric.
  • Marquez Calloway showed me some bizarre growth at receiver in just a couple plays. Dude looks like a grown and seasoned man.
Taysom on the throw.
  • Kaden Elliss is back again.
  • Marcus Davenport rushes the QB really well, but so have a ton of Saints defensive ends in the past. Not sold till the QB’s start going down.
  • Jameis Winston did perform the best and should win this job, but did have a slow start and seemed a bit stiff in the pocket.
  • Taysom is not a starting quarterback.
  • Ian Book is here for more than we think.

Book IT!

Book is the one that trips me out. Dude had a very fluent looking play-action motion along with just better body language than the other two QB’s that played.

Ian looked like he was loose, comfortable, and of course raw at the QB position at the professional level. If he would’ve gotten outta there without a turnover and a comeback victory at the end? His stock would’ve rose tremendously. However, after that more then questionable performance by Taysom Hill, Book could earn himself a true backup spot and I firmly believe that shit.

Wasn’t the greatest day for the nation last night, but only two more games left till we start the emotional regular season dance in New Orleans.

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