This Aaron Rodgers Off-Season Experience Feels Rom-Commy AF

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Aaron Rodgers Off-Season

Something about this Aaron Rodgers off-season experience really seems bizarre from an outside view. I’ll be the first to tell ya that I have no earthly idea what Rodgers likes to do in his spare time other than Jeopardy. However, this is nothing short of fantastic. Dude look like he’s ready to star in the next Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

one fantastic, caucasian time.

I’m not sure who is more lifted in this clip.

  • 2021 Aaron


  • That Matthew Perry looking fella

Either way, they both look loaded as a ham sandwich having the time of their ever lasting lives. This seems like a party where Aaron could have given each one of these fellas each a half ounce of mushrooms and their own personal charcuterie board. Seems like a splendid time.

living a really heart warming life.

Free Ballin’

But, with that being said I’ve never seen Aaron Rodgers so happy and so willing to post some entertaining shit on social media. Tom Brady has done fantastic on Twitter the last few years, along with Drew doing his wholesome Drew thing. But, Rodgers?!

I mean this is fucking mind blowing.

All we ever knew was the Danica thing and not much more to be honest. The wise thing is to compete with Brady and other elite QB’s for social media supremacy.

Welp, Tom on his shit…still.

clap by Tom
clap back by Aaron

The two QB’s will face off in Montana on July 6th in another “Match” contest, but this time without Tiger Woods.

Aaron is active as fuck right now and it’s very entertaining to watch from a complete oblivious perspective. Still don’t want him in Nola. We operate with blue collar common folk quarterbacks, he’s too classy.

Mickey Loomis calls Aaron Rodgers

Keep ya vehicle classy with Midas.

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