This Ain’t Your Daddy’s XFL

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XFL Rules

The XFL announced their rules for the comeback season, and I’m blown away. When I first heard that these rules were getting release, I couldn’t wait to see what kind of shenanigans Vince would come up with this time. However, the rules are not bad. The league is going with the motto, “less stall, more ball”. I’m sure ladies want the same thing. Speeding up the game and making it more exciting for fans is the XFL’s main goal for this league. Here are a few that the fans will enjoy most.

Shootout style overtime

This shit is so crazy, it just might work. Like soccer and hockey, the XFL’s overtime will go back and forth like a shootout. Each team will get five single play possessions from the five yard line. If you’re having trouble picturing how this will work, here’s an explanation..

More returns on kicks

The XFL has designed a rule that will decrease the number of touchbacks and fair catches. For the kickoff, the ball is kicked from the 30-yard line. However, the kicking and receiving team will line up on the opposite 35 and 30-yard line. Other than the returner, no players can move until the return man catches the ball or it has been on the ground for three seconds. A touchback is spotted at the 35 and kicks that go out of bounds are spotted at the 45.

Less punts, more guts

Punts are like kickoffs, with players not being able to leave the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked. Any punt that goes in the endzone or out of bounds will be spotted at the 35-yard line. I’m going to miss seeing a coffin corner. However, if this encourages teams to go for it, then I’ll drink a beer to it.

Two forward passes

You read that right. Teams can perform two forward passes on one play. If the first pass doesn’t go beyond the line of scrimmage, a receiver can throw it down field. Because of this, the XFL is hoping this will encourage more trick plays. The Saints would be unstoppable with this rule..


These are not all the rules, but they are certainly the most innovative. We can all agree that the NFL rules need some fine tuning. For example, how does a first ballot hall of famer not get to touch the ball in overtime. What a joke. The XFL is continuing to prove that things will be different this time. I don’t know about you, but February 8th can’t come soon enough. This is Domi departing, hold it.

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