This Man Blueface Has The Most Ratchet Instagram Story Up

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Blueface Insta Story

This Blueface instagram story is an absolute unwanted thotting disaster. There is no other way to present the chaos that is going on over in this man’s social media living room. Got people passing and potentially catching cyber STD’s.

Looka ya boy riding this woman like a craftsman R110.
Gonna have to put some more gas in that one soon.

Got more K-Mart ass twerking than a gas station giving away packs of kool cigarettes and almost will hit lottery tickets.

This lovely woman decided her signature camera taunt was gonna be waving a casper cock by her mouth. I mean whatta way to start off the year girl!

Big Fun-Dip Fan.

Can’t find a mask with a search warrant. Not the first time we talked about this fella blueface being a ratchet innovator either.

This Blueface Instagram Story Is An Unsanitary Disaster

Nothing else to say here. Listened to a few of the blueface brand songs and that shit is fucking ass. I’m good on all them booty bars.

Lol, bust down thotiana.

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