This Pelicans Season Meant More Than That 07-08 Hornets Season

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Pelicans Season

None of us can really stop talking about this past Pelicans season. It was so impactful for everybody who invested their time throughout. I was there for the 07-08 CP3 Playoff run, but I was like 14 years old man.

I was a lame son.

Life didn’t mean shit to me at that time. I cherished it, held on to it, but idk man…shit means more to me now that I’m 29 years old.

This what I can tell ya…

Me, Rob Nice and Gerald
2008 Hornets vs. Spurs

I hate what I was wearing, kept saying it was for a business trip and that just goes to show ya how much of a square I was at that time. Had just started smoking weed so my thoughts were absurd. Rob Nice was the go-to MC on the court for the Hornets at the time. Dude had great energy man, he was like a great value Antonio Daniels to our journey at that time. No disrespect to Rob Nice.


  • It was loud as shit in the hive
  • Fan Up was the motto
  • We SMASHED the Mavs 4-1
  • Blew it against the Spurs next round
  • Peja Heads were dope
  • CP3 to Tyson Chandler
  • David West mid-range
  • Janero Pargo was a nice story
  • Morris Peterson was our SG
  • Byron Scott won COY
Who remembers?

Great Stuff

But, I just don’t remember any real adversity for that squad. Surely no generational superstar out for a whole ass year type adversity. CP3 was in his third season along side David West in his fifth year. Fellas like Peja and Tyson Chandler had been around, played with some solid squads. Byron Scott was a seasoned NBA coach at that point who had been to the NBA Finals twice with the New Jersey Nets and Jason Kidd. Janero Pargo was a nice story, but he had been in the league a while too. The Jose story just means more. Julian Wright was a prospect, but never really got going.

a shitty blurry pic of Julian Wright

Social media wasn’t the machine it is today and that means they didn’t have haters all across the globe going at the team and city about their existence type adversity. I can’t remember a mfer who came off like Kendrick Perkins that year when asked about the Hornets.

Pels Spaces
Perk joins in

A successful year nevertheless.

This Team Though

That 2021-2022 Pelicans adversity just hit, all of it. It made the fans hurt over it. This was the year that everybody was tired of falling short as a basketball team. The people were tired of empty seats and letting mfers on ESPN talk about potential destinations for Zion while the man wasn’t saying a word.

Never Forget.

We watched some of our own people lose faith and start to go low and heartless on a 21 year old kid over not playing. Had to lose some of the good ones, the ones who gave it their all in order to reach the next level and bring in CJ McCollum. The grind really never stopped, neither did the critics. Then the recipe started hitting…

All that adversity and all those bad vibes to start the season and even throughout most of it, eventually turned into triumph and joy. The shit we wanted to happened so badly, happened. Los Angeles? See ya later.

AD? See ya later.

Pels win 116-108 over Lakers
March 27th, 2022

Give us the damn pick too. Lebron?

Go cry in a closet.

Spurs? See ya.


It turned into the city having something on the line. Ya never wanna fuck w/ New Orleans when something is on the line because everybody coming out to rally behind it.

  • The Jose Story, WOW.
  • Willie Green in his 1st year builds a whole ass family, WOW.
  • BI, certified superstar who overcame years of adversity to lead a team to the playoffs.
  • Jonas, I love you bro.
  • Herb Jones defense, another rookie.
  • Trey Murphy
  • Larry Nance Jr.
  • CJ
  • AD/Joel

Everybody on this journey got a story or something about them that makes ya embrace having them apart of the Pelicans. The team started glowing and that means them fans gonna start showing up.

I had the pleasure and pure honor of going to several games in the blender this year. Every single game was the time of my life.

As things started to get well for the Pels, they started looking better for me. That’s how powerful this shit was man.

on the court

Everything on the line, Pels performed and made the city proud. Moments and memories were made throughout for us to converse about forever.

Those Playoff stories can only be made in the Playoffs baby, we made em.

Finished in a 10x better place than we started.

It just meant more, that’s what I’m tryna say.

I’m at peace w/ saying next season will be our season. See ya soon, Zion.


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