This VERZUZ In New York With Jadakiss & Juelz Was So Hype

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Jadakiss VERZUZ

Anybody catch that VERZUZ in New York on Tuesday night? That shit came outta nowhere for me. Literally, as I’m editing HTM Undressed 248, Jadakiss and Juelz Santana pop up on my Twitter trending.

Instantly had to investigate.

Dipset got the business.
VERZUZ in New York

Verzuz in New York

  • The LOX
    • Sheek Louch, Styles P and Jadakiss
  • Dipset
    • Cam’ron, Freekey Zeekey, Jim Jones and Juelz Santana

Coming together for a VERZUZ battle in the big apple where all them dudes are from and have been repping RELIGIOUSLY for what seems like an eternity. Gotta give it to these dudes in New York as they are as fucking loyal and tied to their upbringings as anybody on the map.

Long story short,

Jadakiss ate em up

Jadakiss going at Juelz

It all went down at MSG’s Hulu Theater and it had absolutely no organization whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean Jadakiss didn’t come to give these boys all the smoke they could hold in their pockets.

I don’t really listen to a whole ton of New York rap/hip-hop, but growing up it was impossible not to fuck with Jadakiss, Juelz, 50 Cent, Cassidy, Jay-Z, and even Fat Joe. These dudes just had the game by the throat. As for last night? Just a whole fucking throwback party in New York.

Full of that JUICE

Jim Jones takes a dip off the set.

Jim Jones falling off stage and shit.

Shit almost got outta pocket like seven times and everybody in that bitch was loaded like a ham sandwich.

No exaggeration,

Jadakiss full blown transformed into an unstoppable force even after the event was over he continued to take over the world.

Here is the entire two hours of fuckery.

Highly recommend. It also shows how memorable these dudes songs were. I heard “hey ma” and “New York” which are both fucking classics till the casket.


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HTM 248

Last night in SpreadQuarters…

HTM Undressed 248


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