This What Drew Brees Retirement Must Look Like

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Weird flex for the Drew Brees retirement movement today. Seems as if Drew just casually power thrusting weighted sleds for the pure fuck of it is apart of his retirement plans moving forward.

See, this will be one fantastic story when Brees announces he will indeed be back for the 2021 season. Cause it sure doesn’t smell like retirement from here folks.


No man who is about to go swing dicks in the commentary booth with Tony Romo is putting together the type of off-season resume that Brees has quickly assembled. Just pure activeness and hasn’t missed a single beat.

DREW on that copper comp shit.
Mayo told ya this on January 27th.
I’d show ya, but Twitter banned me.

Look, we can venture as far as saying Drew has indeed been the MOST active NFL player since break. UNFUCKINGBELIEVABLE!

Russell who? Drew ain’t dead yet.

drink smoothies to recover, tradition.

Remember, mayo saw this off-season peak coming a month ago. No stopping this rise now. (click here)

for the haters going into the lord’s day.

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