Tiger Woods In The Hospital After Car Crash In Los Angeles

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Tiger Woods In Hospital

The not so cool news released about an hour ago states that Tiger Woods was involved in a roll-over collision and was hospitalized after.

extracted from the vehicle.
Tiger Woods in hospital.

First thing first, we hope that Tiger will prevail like has his entire life and recover healthy through this tragedy.

he will rise again, we hope.

Only Tiger’s biggest haters will enjoy this moment and that is something they will have to sleep with when he rises again and wins another major.


The Jaws of Life.

This is what I know about that device, machine, tool or whatever ya wanna call it. Let it be known that shit had me fucked up when I first read it as I had no clue what in the blue fuck a Jaws of Life could be.

this is the jaws of life.

I was thinking some type of shark looking thing and actually may have thought a shark itself I was so stoned when I read this news. Sheesh.


No further knowledge on anything else at this point. I look at shit just like everyone else. Even if Tiger was loaded as a ham sandwich it’s no reason to frown down on the man. Life is vicious for these mega, lifelong superstars. We’ve seen two major examples with Tiger and Britney Spears both having documentaries in recent that revealed their personal lives.

Prayers to the GOAT.

grab a generator so ya can stay safe and in action during hurricane season.


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