Time To Stop All The Shit And Catch These Pokemon Again

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Time to catch Pokemon again.

Get in the car it’s time to catch these Pokemon again. This time, it could turn out to be extensively more beneficial than the last time ya may have went on a hunt. For mayo, it’s been nearly 20 years. Still to this day have not ever captured a Charizard holographic.

Ladies, we’re back.

Turns out the joke is on mayo.

Wake up and smell the nostalgia.
It smells like money.

Yep, the values are as lit as you’ve heard.

My only solid excuse here for not being active in the Pokemon trading card sweepstakes is that I was hit by the most atrocious hurricane in the history of the country in 2005. Nothing was retrieved.


that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to risk it all again at 28 years old. Consider mayo on a journey to catch em all from this point forward.

Pokemon Pioneers

Holders from the community sent these:

Mayo Is In

Let’s fucking go.

Reminder, Diglett still ain’t worth nothing.

he ain’t

Remember, fuck Yugioh or whatever.

It’s for lames.

Send Me Pics

Don’t send me nudes you freaks. Post ya Pokemon captures (ELITE CAPTURES ONLY) in the Holders United Facebook group. I’ll mention it on the show during the week in a segment on HTM Undressed.

Click here to enter Holders United.

go ahead and catch a generator for this hurricane season from a valued holder that can give you the very best deal and service.

Call Craig’s Electrical for a premier deal on generators. Don’t buy from strangers, buy from holders.


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