Tom Brady And Pat Mahomes Make Madden 22 Cover As Bros

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The most chaotic and passionate time of the year is right around the corner as the Madden 22 cover and official trailer has released.

Madden NFL 2022
Cover Athletes
Tom Brady & Pat Mahomes

Lemme just say it now, mayo is back this year on Madden and whoever wants that drama can reach out via gamertag on XBOX Mayo Man HTM. Use to have fellas in the Burbank Commons come over with $100 bill looking to have a bad day in Madden.

Madden NFL 22 Will Bring Us Change?

It seems like EA has made some changes, which lights a spark in my ass to compete in Madden again.

  • refreshed franchise mode
  • Dynamic Gameday powered by Next Gen Stats and Home Field Advantage.

Essentially sounding like what we want, a TV like feel to things while we whooping that ass on the sticks.

No Ultimate Team mode for me where I spend a zillion dollars. Just online head to head and franchise mode bringing my team to the promise land. Lastly, looks like Pat Mahomes & Tom Brady will be unstoppable forces. This is the ultimate 2021 choice for a football game cover.

Doesn’t hold a flag stick to the Peyton Hillis selection for Madden 2012 which sealed him in history as a legend no matter what.

See y’all on the sticks this year.

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