Tom Brady Seen Loaded As A Ham Sandwich In Tampa Bay

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Tom Brady Seen Loaded As A Ham Sandwich

Just woke up and seen Tom Brady loaded as a lunch-break sandwich walking around Tampa Bay like he been drinking straight piss all day. We all been here before and it’s a beautiful thing.

Having one of those days where there is not one responsibility in the way and ya at some type of day drinking phenomenon. Now imagine that vibey type of day if ya got seven fucking Super Bowls in the chamber.

Tom Brady 7.0

That’s Tom Brady right now.

Gronk been tootin’ lines w/ em.

Ya know they say the older ya get, the less ya really give a fuck. Introducing elderly Tom Brady doing just that.

nothing here looks covid friendly btw Roger

Very not covid-friendly looking shit right here, nevertheless it is still a fucking vibe to see Brady participating in such fuckery. Funny guy, but how funny is Brady?

pick the funnier QB

Peyton was always subtly hilarious as fuck. Tom on the other hand is just killing the twitter game like no other athlete in the world right now. Leverage involved.

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Last night we started to heat up the week.

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