Toomie Tuesday: Big Green Box Gatherings

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Dear dedicated Holders, I’m back for another delightful and delicious Toomie Tuesday. To slightly venture away from my romatic side as displayed on last Toomie Tuesday: Sunsets On The Front Porch, I’m taking my ride or dies to The Big Green Box. May I introduce this week’s segment, Toomie Tuesday: Big Green Box Gatherings.

As you can see, the Toomie Twins and I were kicking it back on the big green box like we were back in ’04. I discussed 401k’s, the stock market, and best ways to make a bloody mary with my best buds.

There were two little fishies that were jealous of this moment and tried to sneak their way in the image (click image to see these beautiful foot pillows).

The tombs and I also took in a lesson all about the RB&R day that the Mayo Man had yesterday as displayed below.

The Box Was Hot

If you had any friends in your lifetime, you know damn well all about that green box. It wasn’t meant for just the electric company to screw around with. That was you and your podnas hang out spot to solve all problems in life. It was also the spot for your rude as neighbor to hot glue some change to the top of it. You were convinced you were about to buy a spongebob ice cream from the ice cream truck coming towards you. Only to realize that shit is stuck.

A big green box veteran also knows this very important piece of information when going to jump up on that thing. If it’s summer in Louisiana, that box is as hot as the oven ya tossing your Toomie in. As a result, you’re about to have third degree ass burns. Simply toss some cold water on the top or maybe chalk it up and sit on your dad’s tailgate.

That’s a wrap folks. Until next Toomie Tuesday, keep it sleazy.

Make sure y’all go snag some Lord’s Day merch from the HTM shop. It’s Jesus, Joseph and Mary approved people. Tombs up! Hold It!

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