Toomie Tuesday: How Did This Shit Happen?

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Toomie Tuesday Origin Story

Toomie Tuesday is one of the three days of the week HTM honors routinely.

That’s a Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday for all you rocket scientist out there. It was the a way of life and verbiage that the holders got behind quickly. Oh, if you don’t like frozen pizza, now would be the time to head back to that lifetime blog. Let us know…

Toomie Quarantine

Verbiage History “Toomie”

It all started in 2015 with a group of assholes I play NBA 2K with for the last decade. We created a powerhouse pro-am team called “The Hot Cosbies” and that name was where the jokes ended. Our team fucking balled, and our group conversations are piss blown chaotic.

The Hot Cosbies NBA 2K Pro-Am Team 2015-2019
Toomie verbiage birth: November 2017

  • Andy
  • Dom
  • Carl
  • Ales

“I got a toomie in the oven, hold up.”

Devin Snow (November 2017 on Xbox Live w/ the Hot Cosbies)

All complete assholes and none are responsible for the original saying. They were just there for the moment and knew gold had been struck. One of the Cosbies in the group asked me why I was taking so long to get to the rec center. The same four gentleman also use to tell me I was the least funniest guy in the group.

So, I laugh at myself now for a living.

I really love those dudes. Just refuse to give them any credit on this Toomie verbiage discovery. But anyways, let’s dive into the first sighting of a toomie on HTM social media platforms. We have to go back to October 22, 2019.

The First Tomb

Look at the Tomb on that Toomie.
Verbiage created in SpreadQuarters

How far we have come since that night. Hundreds of holders all over the place are wearing Toomie Tuesday shirts, and even more are following the movement. How can we ever forget the Frozen Pizza Championship?

I don’t even wanna talk about it.

Not that the outcome is worth elaborating on, but it will live forever as a moment in history for frozen pizza in the state of Louisiana.

People jumped ship, then they came back and bought Toomie shirts.

Since then, the toomie has only gained traction. Great souls all over rep the frozen pizza in abundance. At one point during the initial Covid outbreak, there was not a single Toomie available in the city of New Orleans. I’ve personally received hundreds of Toomie snap shots since October 2019. Always keep one in the chamber. May the movement continue to THRIVE.

Toomie Love

Toomie Flight.
My homies at OTB.
Anita @ Lakeview Brew.

Tombs up.

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