Toomie Tuesday: Sunsets On The Porch

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I found myself on the porch this lovely Tuesday afternoon with a couple of Toomie twins. Now, I also worked my way into this beautiful relationship about one month back with Tombstone Pizza. After being introduced by the Mayo Man himself who laid out the origin of Toomie Tuesday in his very own blog (here). May I inform you, I’m a committed man…sometimes. A man dedicated to tossing a Toomie in the oven each Tuesday night to honor Toomie Tuesday. It’s not easy being in this position, no matter how great it looks to the public. But that’s love for ya.

Porch + Sunset = Romance

Toomie Tuesday Sunsets on the Porch was beautiful. We talked about how our day went, how it was hot at satan’s taint outside, and what our future together looked like. I can tell you that last topic did not sit well with these two, but that’s tough shit. It wasn’t long before the sun had set, oven was hot and those bitches were crisp.

Also there may be something fishy about this photo.

Now please take a minute to reflect on previous Toomie Tuesdays below. It’s a work of art and truly breathtaking.

Toomie Tuesdays From The Past:

Toomie on the Beach
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I have been asked by many of the Holders out there about a certain piece of my attire in each photo, the slips. I won’t sit here and say this is just by coincidence that these beauts show up in the weekly photo session. They a statement to the public. It’s a business move that shows my Parish roots.

Don’t come here with that silly shit of “What’s your parish roots, bro?”
You better click this link (here) for the latest on Da Parish Chronicles for that conversation.

Until next week folks. Enjoy.

Make sure to stop and grab some HTM merch because it’s a damn necessity by now. Tombs Up! Hold It!

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