Top Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds of Week 7

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Fantasy football summed up in one word, injuries. Injuries, injuries, and more injuries. Throughout the first six weeks we’ve witnessed more injuries than I can ever recall in the past. If your team hasn’t been bitten by the injury bug, then consider yourself lucky. You have been the exception, not the rule… I know I’ve dealt with my fair share thus far. And, that word I’ve used six times already, injuries, are the reason I’m writing this tonight. Never let complacency set in, whether it’s using that waiver priority or picking up new players in free agencies. Like I tell my fiancée (who hates putting in waiver claims), there will always be a player out there that can help your team, now or in the future. If your league is like most, waivers run early Wednesday morning. Which means if you’re reading this you have the jump on your league.

Crazy things can happen during those waiver transactions though. So, it might not always be the best idea to be aggressive unless you really like someone out there… There’s always that league dummy who drops a player they really shouldn’t have. Or maybe you have a late priority so you’re trying to move up a few spots for next week. Again, not a bad strategy, and everyone’s situation is different.

Once those waivers are processed everyone is free game, which plays into a strategy I mentioned above. Holding out for a better waiver priority next week. There will be at some point or another a defense or player that you really want but can’t justify spending the priority on them. I have some advice for that very situation, find out what time your waivers clear. For example, mine are 3:30 A.M. at which time I’ll go add the defense or player before anyone else has even woken up. Since everyone is free game come Wednesday morning you need to watch out for injuries. I make that easy for you; follow elvinryan_HTM on twitter for all the latest injury updates.

Teams on byes this week are as follows— Browns, Bucs, Panthers, and Steelers. Those of you with key players on those teams will need to fill voids. Hopefully this list helps you do just that. Here we go—

I’m going to name a few players who should be owned in EVERY competitive league, but if they aren’t ADD THEM! I don’t need to tell you why, they’re that worthy, which is why I won’t elaborate much…

Must Add, No Explanation Needed—

  • Darrell Henderson, Running Back, Rams— The more explosive handcuff of Todd Gurley.
  • Chase Edmonds, Running Back, Cardinals— If Johnson were to go down, he’s a Top 5 back.
  • Auden Tate, Wide Receiver, Bengals— Green remains sidelined, while Ross is on IR. Must add.
  • Malcolm Brown, Running Back, Rams— The lead handcuff for the injury prone, Todd Gurley.
  • Hunter Henry, Tight End, Chargers— He used his first game back to remind us what he can do.

Pick Your Poison at Tight End—

This position has been decimated by injury and lack of production since the start of the season. This is a position I’d be willing to trade for in ANY league. A ‘Top 5’ tight end can set your team apart from the others in a hurry. If I had to go to waivers, I’d consider Darren Fells. Outside of him, pick your poison.

Those Worthy of you Consideration—

  • Damaryius Thomas, Wide Receiver, Jets— Looks to be headed for the lead role in New York’s passing game. The target share is there, and like I’ve said in the past it’s sometime more about opportunity than production. Not worthy of a start against the Patriots’ defense, but I’d consider stashing him for the bye weeks ahead.
  • Devante Parker, Wide Receiver, Dolphins— A friend of mine (the biggest Dolphins fan) said if I ever recommend a Dolphins player to my followers, I’m doing them a disservice. But when a team plays from behind as much as they do, they must throw the ball a lot. Which is why I believe Parker should be considered in all leagues and added in deeper ones.
  • Chris Herndon, Tight End, Jets— Last week I told you he was already owned in my league. So, I traded Hockenson for Robert Woods and picked up Everette, from waivers, to back up Kittle. Since that article he’s been dropped due to injury… The hamstring may have delayed him but when he comes back, he’s an instant TE1. With the tight end market this dry, he’s a must stash for now.
  • Jakobi Meyers, Wide Receiver, Patriots— Yes, he’s another New England pass catcher you either don’t know or have heard very little about. He’s the guy pictured up top. Josh Gordon had a gruesome looking injury on Thursday. Luckily it isn’t as bad as it looked. And, then you have Dorsett battling his own injuries. That leaves a new guy, named Jakobi, to catch TDs from Brady. It may not be a long-lived thing, but Meyers will definitely be worth putting in your flex for Week 7.

Hope this read gives you the advice you need to win another week in your league. If you need any further advice tweet @elvinryan_HTM and I’ll be sure to answer your questions. Please share!

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