Top Notch Super Bowl Halftime Performances To Remember

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Super Bowl Halftime Performances You Can't Deny

Only the most iconic and moving Super Bowl halftime performances should be grouped in the top-tier when looking back. Time can easily and usually make folks forget about impactful moments. The Super Bowl halftime show happens once a year and honestly they didn’t get the shit right until the 90’s. Before that it was a ton of fucking college bands and theme performances. As of late in my personal and unwanted opinion, I think we forgetting tradition and how great it can be.

start with this, stop remixing the song.

When ya do too much and forget the tradition of performing, it will usually receive that 2021 criticism. The criticism on The Weekend’s halftime performance last night reflects folks who are tired of getting force fed these universal superstars that really don’t match well with football. What is the concrete analytics of the percentage of NFL fans that actually listen to this guy’s music? Is that considered at all?

the most tweeted scene from last night.

When I think Weekend and football, I think of “Can’t Feel My Face” on Madden a few years ago and that is all.

Now, let’s travel back in time.

The following performers had to have phenomenal fan bases that also were huge fans of the NFL and sports in general. If they didn’t it wouldn’t have been as widely accepted. Social media may play a unknown part in this, but you can’t tell me the king of pop wasn’t universally welcomed when it came to anything he performed and that will lead us to the first iconic Super Bowl halftime performance to remember…

Michael Jackson (1993)

Super Bowl

The fucking king. First things first, feel the obsession in the air as fans dead ass run with authentic passion to the stage as he elevates. 1993 folks, do ya need me to remind ya MJ was a zillion years ahead of schedule on stellar creativity? For me, this is probably the best performance in SB halftime history. Only thing that hurts it if I’m being biased is that I was one years old at this point. Hell yeah, this is just the king.

Prince (2007)

Super Bowl XLI couldn’t have worked out better and more optimistically bizarre for Prince. In case ya been living under a rock, majority of the world would say their favorite Prince song was “Purple Rain” and not think about it again. However, one thing majority didn’t think was that it would Rain it’s balls off during the Super Bowl in 2007. Prince didn’t give a single fuck as he was operating four electric guitars while in full form on a soaking wet stage. & then it hit…

R.I.P. Prince
The legend passed away on April 21, 2016


Madonna (2012)

Let’s give Madonna credit where it’s most certainly due. She has been one of the greatest performers we’ve ever seen. So incredible, that even the folks who can’t stand her still tune in to visualize. When she teamed up with the likes of CeeLo Green, LMFAO, and Nicki Minaj, it was pretty stellar.

ask me if i’d smash, dare ya.

Lady Gaga (2017)

do not ask me.

Lady Gaga was born for this type of shit.

  • Poker Face
  • Bad Romance
  • Million Reasons

Are all Super Bowl appropriate songs and she was literally flying across the entire fucking stadium while the most vibey of tunes played. No issues with the vocals or the audio, which seems to be a constant problem now.

Janet Jackson (2004)

Not just Janet Jackson either, how about:

  • Kid Rock
  • P. Diddy
  • Nelly
  • Justin Timberlake

Sheesh, this was fucking 2004.

& the rest is history as this has to be the most talked about SB performance in the history of all of em. Janet may have been a bit past her prime, but she made up for that real tit, I mean quick.

Aerosmith, Britney, & NSYNC (2001)

2001 Super Bowl

Again, look at the people running in for the show. That is when music takes over ya body. NSYNC took over folks bodies at this time. Britney Spears was country-wide accepted by like every fucking body. Aerosmith was single handedly responsible for zillions of folks wedding serenades. This was a connection to every eye watching and it wasn’t even close.

Beyonce (2013)

This my shit.

Fuck yes. When that “Crazy In Love” beat hits in New Orleans. I’m alla bout this one right here and this is PRIME BEYONCE. I’m literally about to go smoke a cig I CANNOT deal with how fine this woman is forever. Better performance than J-Lo & Shakira, just being honest.

Honor these as well:

  • Jennifer Lopez & Shakira (2020)
  • Bruno Mars (2014)

In Conclusion

Look, we in the pandemic and shit. However, ya can’t tell me last night’s performance was proper status for what we need for an impactful halftime show during the Super Bowl. Less is more unless ya dealing with someone who is just born to do the most naturally. Look at Beyonce working that fucking thing in the video above. That is it.

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