Top Video Games Dropping in April

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With everything going on in the world right now, you may find yourself boarded up inside with a lot of free time on your hands. You got your food stocked up, plenty of bottled water, and apparently enough toilet paper to TP the White House. Why not fill that time with endless hours of video game entertainment? Here’s a list of the Top Video Games Dropping April 2020. I suggest digital downloads to further combat any chances of Corona contamination.

  • Resident Evil 3

Lets be honest this may be the first one you need to grab cause we are just a few coughs away from this becoming a reality. This remake of the 1999 survival horror classic looks scary as hell. Its the same basic concept as the original but the people at Capcom have done an amazing job revamping the game. Your’e basically an ex cop, Jill Valentine, fighting a bunch of zombies infected by the “T” virus. You can also play as Carlos Oliveira, who is trying to help survivors. Either way it goes you gotta get the hell outta dodge, which in this case is Raccoon City. Also you got this giant bio-weapon super mutant, Nemesis, trying to rip off your head. No big deal.

Capcom went away from the fixed camera game play and went with a third person shooter view to really get you in the game. Its a single player game but they also have an online mode where you and your friends can play together. A demo was just released on Xbox, PS4, and Steam. Go check it out and take some notes on survival cause you might need them.

  • Predator : Hunting Grounds

Have you ever watched any of the Predator movies and thought to yourself, Yeah I’d mess that ugly mf up! Well here is your chance. IllFonic is releasing a game where you and your team have to complete missions while the Predator is coming after you. Plot twist…..Have you ever watched any of the predator movies and thought to yourself, Yeah I’d probably look bad ass if i was an alien with dreadlocks! One of the players gets to be the Predator himself and hunt down the team with all his futuristic alien weapons that gave Arnold Schwarzenegger a run for his money. If you had a chance to play the Friday the 13th game where you get to be Jason, same thing but with Aliens.

The only problem that i see with this game is that it only releases for PlayStation and PC. But i guess Xbox cant be better at EVERYTHING.

  • Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3

Alright this one doesn’t need much explanation. Everybody knows this game. You either love it, or you hate it. But it is what it is and deserves the respect. A new season is about to drop which basically means its time to buy the new battle pass and start grinding it out. If you want the battle pass its going to be like 10$. You can drop 25$ to give yourself a little extra boost by basically jumping in line and starting at level 25. If season 3 is like any of the others, expect to see some new weapons, map changes, and a new theme.

Thats it for The Top Video Games Dropping in April 2020. Check back soon to see whats coming in the following months. Also grab yourself a HTM T-shirt HERE. New designs coming soon. Hold It!!!

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