Toss Up These Topics Tonight On HTM Undressed 171

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HTM Undressed 171

The only unfiltered sports and entertainment podcast in New Orleans is back tonight for HTM Undressed 171. Toss Up Tuesday is the label and as of 2021 it has a new format. The format suited for the community not to have to think like fucking rocket scientist. Last Tuesday it went well and mayo is looking forward to tonight at 10:00 in SpreadQuarters.

Last Tuesday.

It’s real simple,

  • Four categories to choose from like Jeopardy.
  • Pick the category when ya call.
  • Mayo will have toss-up’s in the chamber for each category.

The topics for HTM Undressed 171?

FB: Hold The Mayo

Live Stream exclusively on FB: Hold The Mayo

If ya missed Free Mouth Friday,

FMF Awards

1st place: The Joe Show (click the name)

2nd place: Acapella Fella

3rd place: Todd From The Westbank (click the name)

Honorable Mention: Fella From Lake Charles

Big Cat Confirmation

I for one, have not forgotten about Big Cat’s tweet in November and will not stop the relentless pursuit of getting him to confirm it on Twitter. As folks with media platforms, we can’t just be yappin’ and moving on.


Galette Twitter War

Junior Galette is actively being a straight up fucking weirdo on Twitter right now. The fella is searching his name constantly in the search bar and responds with a very scientific explanation on why he isn’t in the league anymore. All it took was this tweet.

real ass statement.

Honestly, just fucking tweet his first and last name, he shows up like Beetlejuice. Surely a topic to toss up tonight on Undressed.

Oddly entertaining fella.

Undressed 171
Now Available!

HTM Undressed 171
“Whatta Time To Be Alive”

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Insulation Installers has joined the mayo advertising schedule and the jar is more than fucking flabbergasted to have them aboard.

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See ya assholes tonight.


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