Tradition Meets Da Wabbit On RB&R Day

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Tradition Meets Da Wabbit

Da Wabbit finally got the call on a very significant day. Tradition has never been maximized so well with RB&R and the bless you boys getting another opportunity to tap that ass.

California vs. New Orleans
We don’t like losing to Google.

Not just any ass, tap that California electric car driving ass by beating the Chargers.

Cafe 615

What do I know about this Wabbit?

Not a fucking thing. But, I do know that every single soul from the other side of the river has said this is the place. I’m just kinda tripping that there wasn’t some old gentleman in there with a faded apron on that said “Da Fucking Wabbit” in some luxurious font.

Like who is this legend?

The 22nd straight location

This was a pot of beans that could not be denied.

  • Great portions.
  • Fantastic grilled pork chop.
  • Value that can be respected.
  • Branding that is admirable.
  • Flavor above average on beans.

Only real flaw is risking getting pulled over for no reason other than a tense ass road and population on the westbank. Watch backing out of Wabbit’s parking lot and you should be good. Them fucking guys do not look when they backing up over there.

Red Bean Rankings

22 spots down and we are nearing the 30 that will conclude the actual ranking part of this journey.

Remember, 30 locations will get confirmed by HTM. Only 20 will make HTM’s Highly Touted. I’ll shoot ya 10 for the first time.

This is if a ballot had to be turned in…

  1. Liuzza’s By The Track
  2. Willie Mae’s Scotch House
  3. Cooter Brown’s Tavern
  4. Melba’s
  5. Frady’s One Stop
  6. Cafe 615 “Wabbit’s House”
  7. Lakeview Brew
  8. Sammy’s Food Service
  9. Mother’s
  10. Verti Marte

Best flavor: Cooter Brown’s

#3 ranked currently

This tradition is starting to slap like no other.

Because it is like no other.

Tradition wins today.

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