Trainwreck’s TV Watchlist: ‘Dave’ on FXX

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First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr. Mayo himself for giving me the opportunity to blog for HTM Sports. I have absolutely zero blogging experience, but I think I can play that to my advantage. I’ll just talk about whatever comes to this puzzle they call my brain.

Alright, enough with the bullshit introductions, time to write. Since all my fellow blog-mates have covered every square inch of the much anticipated NFL Draft happening tomorrow night, I am going to go a different lane and start Trainwreck’s Watchlist. Nothing fancy, I’m just going to express my opinions on some television shows I think you should check out. And even better, the ones you should touch with a 10 foot pole.

We will start with probably my favorite new show out on television right now, which is ‘Dave‘. From the brilliant mind of rapper Lil Dicky, ‘Dave’ gives us a semi-real look into how the comedic rapper grew into the star he is today. If you live under a rock and don’t know who Lil Dicky is, let me introduce you:

Catchy, stupid, and a Snoop Dogg feature? Count me in.

Dicky, whose real name is Dave Burd, achieved the success level on the charts to open up a door into acting. It has been quite the seamless transition because every aspect of ‘Dave’ has been incredible.

The style of humor is a mixture of the G.O.A.T. comedy ‘Curb your Enthusiasm’ mixed with Donald Glover’s (Childish Gambino)Atlanta‘. Quick jabs, outrageous profanity, and a LOT of jokes about his own micro-penis tie the bow on this shit show of a gift Dicky gave us.

Another thing I love about this show is the music and the amount of cameos famous rappers make throughout the season. Artists such as Young Thug, Lil Baby, Justin Bieber, and others either play their hard act or find their sense of humor to compliment Dicky and the flow of the show.

The best part of the show is the culture clashes. Dave is a Jewish man from the a rich part of Philadelphia trying to make it into the rap scene. In Dave, the PC culture gets thrown out the window. Whether it be introducing their black friend GaTa (pronounced gator) to the jam band Phish:

Phish Playing:

GaTa: “But when they gonna stop warmin’ up, though?”

Mike: “Oh, no, this is the whole show. This is what they do the whole time, man. Feel that. Feel that. Feeeeel that, dude!”

Or it is Lil Dicky holding up his signature hand sign, which is also the sign that the Crips, the show erases all elements of PCness and lets the viewer laugh without feeling like they committed a hate crime.

Dicky and his “gang” sign. No, it is not the Crip Gang sign, it is in fact a sign for the size of his dick.

If you like witty humor, semi-realistic story telling, and rap music, then this show will be a must watch for you, but maybe not your loved ones.

On the Train Scale, I give it a damn near perfect 9.5/10 railcars. Be sure to check out the last two episodes airing tonight (April 22) and next Wednesday at 9:00 central on FXX. All episodes are also available the following day on Hulu.

And as always:

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