TV Momma’s That Knocked It Out The Park

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TV Momma's on Mothers Day.

Ok, can the TV Momma’s stand up please? I’ll enjoy this for sure considering I’m a true wussie for a good mom in a movie. However, the different paces and levels of the following mothers is incredible. One may make ya cry, one may have ya on the ground holding ya stomach in hysterics. The following TV Momma’s left an imprint on the world. Bake a cake in their memory today, they don’t make em like this no more.

TV Momma’s

  • Sarah Connor (Terminator Franchise)

Sarah Connor ladies and gentleman. Here we have a nostalgic mom, who would literally beat the ever living shit out of someone to save her kids. The mother of two children in the franchise risked it all in the wildest fucking ways. Check her out in Terminator 2 busting out a fucking mental facility. Not many moms will go to the levels that Sarah will to make some shit happen. Connor was played by Linda Hamilton.

  • Marge Simpson (The Simpsons)

Wow, don’t even talk to me if you don’t agree with this amazing specimen of a mother in Marge Simpson. The blue headed sweetheart is everything you would pray for in a mother. Marge is up bright and early making sandwiches for the household, dealing with Bart & Homer Simpson on the reg for over 30 years, and still maintains the best attitude possible. When she gets mad, she still sounds sweet. Marge Simpson earned her spot. Julie Kavner has played Marge on The Simpsons since 1987. Book it.

  • Dorothy Boyd (Jerry Maguire)

Aw yeah, this shit gives me fucking chills. Renee Zellweger was so low key the cutest fucking girl of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She really just made ya believe in love bruh. Pair her with Tom Cruise and that little son of a gun from so many fucking awesome 90’s movies, Jonathan Lipnicki. Throw a little Bruce Springsteen in the background and let them tears flow…

TV Momma’s Assassin

  • The Bride (Kill Bill Franchise)

We lied, here is another Mom that will tear that ass up to get revenge on the assholes who destroyed her fucking life. This scene with Uma Thurman (The Bride), her daughter, and Bill is an incredible piece of work. If you haven’t ever gotten into the Kill Bill series it is time to wake up and smell the Tarantino pal.

  • Big Momma (Big Momma’s House Franchise)

Shit, this is a no brainer when it comes to Momma’s on the tube. Martin Lawerence was and will always be on the Mount Rushmore of impersonators and my man played a phenomenal woman. From Sha-nay-nay, to Big Momma, you were gonna laugh ya balls off regardless.

This Momma Made Us Cry Like Little Wussies

  • Momma (Forrest Gump)

Hard to even talk about this wonderful woman. She was spot on with everything she told Forrest Gump, and she always explained shit the right way. As she was dying in her bed, she gave some advice that would ring forever in our ears. “Life is a box of chocolates Forrest, you never know what ya gonna get.” LAWD HAVE MERCY! Sally Field will forever be a legend for this work. She also was the mother of Robin Williams kids in the infamous “Mrs. Doubtfire” movie from the 90’s.

  • Marie Barone (Everybody Loves Raymond)

Ya Momma’s favorite Momma right here. The late Doris Roberts tried to teach you the right way to do shit for years and years on cable television. We need to never forget Frank and Marie going at each others throats.

  • Helen Boucher (The Waterboy)

“Don’t say college boy here comes my Momma!” Name a better mother! She just wanted what was right for her son, and she couldn’t stand that thottie Vickie Valentine. Can’t say she was wrong about Vickie, couldn’t ever decide if she was hot or not. However, the legend Kathy Bates couldn’t have played this role any better. Seriously, there was levels to the roles in this movie.

Momma’s We Didn’t Forget…

  • Leigh Anne Tuohy (The Blindside, Sandra Bullock)
  • Helen Parr (The Incredibles)
  • Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights)
  • Jennifer Garner (The Mommy Movie Queen)


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