Tyron Woodley’s Mom Just Kept It Completely 100 With Jake Paul’s Team

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Ain’t NOBODY stealing the newspaper from Tyron Woodley’s mom on any given morning. Check out this phenomenal footage of Momma Woodley & company telling some dude on Jake Paul’s orange man team (who must have said the wrong shit) that he could get a whole fucking issue. Told this man she a “no limit soldier” and she ain’t no athlete. Things got really personal soon after that as Woodley was listening the entire time.

The altercation begins from one angle

Lawd believe it didn’t stop there. Nobody really knows what this man from Jake Paul’s squad said to send Tyron’s loved ones off the rails, but they were ready to put some loving hands on somebody.

Get An Issue…

“I don’t give a fuck about no orange.”

Lotta Orange

The dude from JP’s team can be heard saying “there’s a lot of orange in here” to which Woodley’s folks did not give one orange fuck about. Shortly after, Tyron Woodley can be heard telling folks he’d shake the whole fucking place up. I’d believe him at that moment. Shit, as if this fight needed any more chaos. However, the Tyron Woodley odds have to have went up after this verbal altercation. Nobody coming out soft after some Momma talk was thrown around just days prior.

Somebody gotta KO J’Leon Love too. That dude been running his jaws for months and not one person can remember his name. I had to search it as I constantly forget it. Just not a memorable dude unless he’s being disrespectful as fuck. LOL, Woodley ain’t having it.

Check That Shit!

The golden rule no matter how far we progress in existence is to never say shit about another man’s momma and this could be what puts one last spark in Woodley to knock Jake Paul the fuck out.

“I’ll make this fucking place earthquake.”

Tyron said he didn’t need the extra motivation, but honestly man Jake Paul’s team has been punking Woodley out for months now.

I do think his verbiage describing Jake Paul’s crew is spot on.

Them fellas def on some goofy ass shit. The disrespect has piled up and if Woodley gets knocked out on Sunday it will most certainly deflate his stock completely and eternally. But, if he can score what would be an earth shaking KO on Paul?

He will be a savior for many.

The fire is at peak temp.

Don’t ever speak on Tyron Woodley’s mom.

I’m still taking Jake Paul.

apple link in tweet

HTM Undressed was live last night with a common man who really thinks he can knock Jake Paul the fuck out. Don’t miss this condiment creation on Apple, Spotify, or Pandora. One of the callers last night was Classic Kev who does it fucking all. This dude can now repair ya credit in one YouTube video. Not even fucking kidding, just some real shit right here.

Credit fucked?
Listen to Classic Kev.


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