UFC 246: Cowboys & Irishmen

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Cowboy versus Mcgregor UFC 246

UFC 246 will be held tonight in Vegas, and there is plenty on the line for the two household names in the main event. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone will be throwing knuckles with easily the most popular fighter in UFC history, Conor McGregor. The Cowboy versus the Irishman. McGregor coming off a pretty exposing fight against Khabib over two years ago. Conor got fucking destroyed in that fight. Did he deserve to get snuck by a little punk ass Khabib supporter? Absolutely not. Was that the fight that brought McGregor back to reality? It seems as if it did.

Tonight Speaks Volumes

We find out for sure tonight as he steps in the ring with a legend past his prime, but still capable of knocking the piss out of the Irishman at any given moment. UFC 246 will be a solid show. Take a look at both of these savages, and what moments stand out in their combat journey. Hold these three top fights for both men.

UFC 194: Aldo vs. McGregor

On December 12th, 2015, Conor threw hands with Jose Aldo. At that time, Aldo was the cream of the fucking crop. This was probably the most anticipated fight of 2015. However, McGregor took Aldo’s soul in 13 short lived seconds. Hit the man with a left handed block knock, and Aldo went straight to the depths of hell. McGregor became the UFC Featherweight Champ, and Jose Aldo hasn’t really been the same since.

UFC 196: Diaz vs. McGregor

The first notable fight that demands attention in McGregor’s illustrious career is Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor part one. What a fucking fight, right? “Aw, I must have missed that one”. Wait, you missed it? There is no fucking way you missed this fight. I remember what was on the plate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that day. Conor would lose in one of the biggest upsets in combat history. It wasn’t a big upset because of the talent level, Conor at that time was the biggest fucking star in the world. Nate Diaz was Cowboy in that situation, at that time. He had no business winning that fight. This was the night I became a huge Nate Diaz advocate. Kill or be killed…

UFC 205: Alavarez vs. McGregor

The year of Conor McGregor, 2016 brought another hyped up fight for the Irishman. Eddie Alvarez stood in the way of something spectacular for Conor. This time it was to become a world champion in two divisions. The first time that ever happened in UFC history. It was no fucking problem for Conor, as he blasted Alvarez in the second round. BLASTED THE MAN!

UFC 202: Cowboy vs. Story

Cowboy Cerrone vs. Rick Story. Who the fuck is Rick Story? Who cares. This was an example of professional combat in its very best form. Cowboy finished this fight with one of the best looking combinations we’ve ever seen as fight fans. Take a look at this certified, EA Sports, button tapping, block knock right here. This is why you just can’t sleep on Cowboy.

UFC 206: Cowboy vs. Matt Brown

Cowboy followed up that Dragon Ball Z combo in tremendous fashion against Matt Brown. It is honestly hard to determine which one of these finishes were better, but both stand tall as memorable moments for Donald.

UFC 150: Cowboy vs. Guillard

Throwing this way back to when Cowboy caught a body in 2012, against Melvin Guillard. Cerrone kicked the ever living shit out this young man’s head, and then proceeded to give him the entire kitchen sink. Guillard won two fucking fights after that life changing experience. TWO FIGHTS…

Every Dog Has Their Day…

Every bad man has his day/night. Tonight a Cowboy and an Irishman will go nuts deep in the octagon. There is no such thing as a guaranteed Conor win anymore. Cowboy is past his prime, we can tell in his previous fights. However, we would be idiots to think that Cowboy stands NO CHANCE! Another $60.00 down the drain tonight as we gather around the tube to watch two of the most entertaining fighters in UFC history. Make sure you check out HTM’s UFC 246 predictions for tonight right here….hold it.

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