UFC 262 A New Lightweight Champion Will Rise

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UFC 262

Chandler Vs Oliveira

UFC 262 is the official end to the Khabib Era, and the competitors to take his place couldn’t have had a different road to this point. Charles Oliveira has been in the UFC since 2010 before this opportunity arose. Michael Chandler has been in the UFC for less than 6 months after becoming a Free Agent last year and leaving Bellator. I’ll start this entire blog off by saying Dustin Poirier is the best Lightweight fighter currently on the UFC roster yet he chose money over the belt.

A Champ Will Rise

If Michael Chandler pulls off a win at UFC 262 this weekend he puts an exclamation point on the fact that better talent can be found outside of the UFC Roster. This weekend’s fight will be on ESPN + PPV, a garbage service as of recently. Ex Champions have had a bad run recently outside of the UFC, Demetrius Johnson KOd, Eddie Alverez Lost, Fabricio Werdum KOd, and Anthony Pettis dropped his PFL debut. I do feel I am missing another ex-champ that caught a fat L.

Oliveira has been in the UFC for over a decade now and has finally reached his chance to be crowned as the lightweight champion. He has fought a few guys that have become champions though. With the likes of Frankie Edgar, Max Holloway, and Anthony Pettis all beating Oliveira in these fights.

Who Will Win And How Will They Do It!

I am really high on Oliveira and have been for a while, He has learned how to fend off wrestlers by attacking up the middle, fighting tall, and throwing knees and front switch kick sort of like a lazy jab to gauge distance. This technique is evident when he fights Kevin Lee. Look for Charles to rush to the center and try and put Chandler on his back foot. The same thing Chandler did to Dan Hooker.

Chandler will wrestle and try and work ground and pound. It has worked well for him in the past. I think for Chandler to win this is the way he will do it, barring being able to knockout Oliveira with one shot.

$75K Everything Is Bigger In Texas

Tony Ferguson convinces Dana White to up the ante on performance bonuses. Dana laughed it off but later raised the bonuses from 50K to 75K.

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