UFC 264 Looking Like A Whole Party, Louisiana In The Main Event

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UFC 264 Mayo Spreads

Back on the table with some impactful mayo spreads this Saturday night for UFC 264. Pack the whole house in Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena as this card gonna have to live up to what it looks like on paper.

UFC 264, Louisiana In This Bitch

Via Dustin Poirier who is set to scrap with Conor McGregor for the third time in his career. Nothing has changed with my opinion when Louisiana on the card. They coming to send anybody and everybody to hell. Can’t remember the last time we loss.

I’m taking Poirier in this fight and that is nothing against Conor. Dustin is the fighter with more momentum and the dude has made every sacrifice to be just the better fighter when it comes to him and McGregor. That is where Poirier is at in his career right now and ya can’t change my mind.

Louisiana chimes in…

Conor, hasn’t evolved over the last couple years like Poirier has in stride with his combat inside the octagon. He’s gotten exposed with a 3-3 record in his last six. Some really brutal L’s for the fella. Still the funniest guy I don’t actually know and undeniably loved by everyone doesn’t matter what they tell ya. If McGregor is here, everything stops.

Bad Whiskey

Conor has been shown he can get worn down on the ground and most recently that he has little Irish legs that can get chopped down quickly. Not counting this crazy mothafucka out all the way, but it’ll take an electrifying knockout by Mcgregor and very quickly if he wants to walk out a winner.

He on some suspect shit right now.

Mayo Spreads

I’d like to offer a table of picks.

Not all of the fights on the card, but the ones that look like they could win a common man some pocket dollars for a change.

  • Poirier -130 over McGregor +108
    • elaborated above
  • Stephen Thompson -155 over Gilbert Burns +125
    • Wonderboy is must watch combat. He will certainly expose this toad looking fella with speed and variety.
Wonderboy went blow for blow with Vicente Luque in a fucking brawl of a fight back in 2019.
  • Tai Tuivasa -137 vs. Greg Hardy +110
    • take the under 1.5 rounds
    • Tuivasa -137
    • Greg Hardy ain’t ready for this one and he surely ain’t ready to face the black beast Derrick Lewis so he should probably just stfu.
Calls Derrick Lewis an ex-con who doesn’t know when to shut up.
  • Sean O’Malley -835 over Kris Moutinho +525
    • O’Malley wins? Idk man
    • the dude he’s fighting is SMALL, 5’7
any vibes here?
  • Max Griffin -190 over Carlos Condit +150
    • Griffin looked GOOD last fight.
    • Condit looked GOOD ten years ago
    • Although, Condit doesn’t get knocked out as of late. Last knockout came via Tyron Woodley in 2014.
    • Max by knockout, fuck it.
  • Michel Pereira -177 over Niko Price +144
    • Michel is also must watch octagon.
    • Niko Price is just average to me and that is exactly why I’m taking Michel straight up in this fight. Could be decision or a submission, or a knockout. Ya never know with this dude.

Feast as you will, but just know other than pigskin, this combat casserole is my favorite fucking dish. I’d run through an army with these picks looking for more.

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