UFC Fight Night 172 Will Add To My Incredible Pick Streak

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UFC Fight Night 172

We have been blessed with another knuckle flying event with UFC Fight Night 172 on Saturday. This will be like the third time in seven days I have had the opportunity to watch guys and gals beat the piss outta each other. However, last Saturday something got swept under the table that I picked up and put in the fridge. I mean look at this sickness, honestly. 6-0 pal, 6-0.

Someone call the fire department!
I’m laughing at this HOT 1-0 start!
and AGAIN…

Yet, you best believe the fortune of listening to and watching all of the other combat heads in HTM talk about their shitty pick records was on the plate for supper this past week. Here is the reality of what will happen for these guys. Tough ass cookies, a big roll of em. No milk, just tough dry cookies.

Here he goes complaining already, these guys can’t sit at my pick table.

Save it for the judge kid…

Fight Night 172

Looking for some UFC Fight Night 172 reality? Here it goes, you may be the only person that ever knows about this magic dust of knowledge. HOLD IT.

Ride this wave bro…


  • Song Yadong defeats Marlon Vera via decision.
  • Eryk Anders fucking blows it and loses to Krzysztof Jotko.
  • Dan Ige somehow beats Edson Barboza by decision.
  • Claudia Gadelha gets it done by decision against Angela Hill.
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