UFC Fight Night Apex: Trox’s Preview

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We’ve got some more knuckle action tonight folks! Tonight, the fights will be occurring live from the UFC Apex facility in Las Vegas. Now I’m not going to bullshit you… this isn’t the most exciting card to the common fan. I consider myself a common fan of the UFC, and I only recognize one name on the main card (Woodley). With that being said, I’m a degenerate so of course I’m going to be making picks tonight. If you’re hesitant to take my picks, I understand. But ask yourself this…. Do you wanna be a part of history or not?

G. Burns (+157) / Round 4 Starts (+102)

Let’s start with the main event first. I’m riding with Gilbert Burns to beat Woodley here. At +157, I think that’s an amazing value especially when you’re facing an overhyped Tyron Woodley. Woodley’s only fought twice in almost 3 years (1-1)… compared to Burns’ 8 fights (7-1). I know Woodley’s loss was against the beast Usman in a decision, but I just have a feeling Burns is going to take it to him tonight. I also think this fight is going to go to a decision which is why I see great value at +4 rounds at +102. If you got balls, parlay these picks and thank me later.

A. Sakai (-113) / Fight Won’t Go Dist. (+142)

Disclaimer… from here on out is completely winging it based on previews I’ve listened to this past week. I’m taking Sakai in basically a pick ’em. Sakai’s sole lost came from a split decision in Bellator. He’s 5 inches taller, 15 lbs heavier (ya boys got rolls), and has a 4 inch reach on Ivanov. He’s also won 11 of his 15 fights by KO. Hence my BEST BET OF THE NIGHT… this fight won’t go the distance and with great value at +142. Oh and I forgot to mention, UFC Apex has a 25 foot cage instead of the traditional 30 foot.

B. Quarantillo (-123)

Billy Q!!! Cool name… fighting a guy named Spike. Spike’s a major douche name. Spike’s going to find his ass laid out cold on the mat at the end of the night. Ride Billy Q into the distance and don’t ask questions.

Parlay Roberts/Dern (-170)

Both heavy favorites, -353 and -421 respectively, I think the only way to make money on these fights is to tie them together. They both keep their winning steak rolling. Pound beers early and often during these fights. Get the money early on with these fights so that you can through it all on the main event. Then you can have the “satisfaction” of losing it all on some bullshit at the end of the night… usually how my night goes. Good luck guys.

Hold it


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